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About this mod

- Better Torque Behaviour (vs. Altitude)
- includes Uwajimaya´s better Exterior Lighting
- plus more drag with extended gear
- compatible with G3000 enhancement mod

Permissions and credits
v4.0 (changes in bold)

Removed everything that could interfere with G3000 enhancement mod!!!!

mod content:
1. I changed density-on-torque to prevent torque rising during climb. Torque should now be more stable and decreasing in higher altitudes and slightly increase during descent. This still isn´t a 100% correct simulation of a TBM 930 I guess, but it seems and feels more realistic then the vanilla behavior. And be aware of the fact, that torque still increases about +20% in the 40 second window after the inertal seperator is switched off. This seems to be more or less realistic.
2. I Included Uwajimaya´s better Exterior Lighting Mod. It is not possibly to have both mods seperatly, as both alter the same file.
3.  I included Kaosfere4829´s dimmable glass displays. You can dimm them through the potentiometer knob in the overhead panel.
4.  I additionally changed brightness of standby instruments down to only 10%, so they fit better into the cockpits night lighting

5. I Added more drag corresponding to PositiveZero´s Post in forums.
6. Adjusted idle n1 power gap (similar to guifarjas31´s mod, just with slightly different numbers, but credits to him, for pointing out the issue)
7. Decreased Torque effect on ground roll.
8. Increased VSI sensivity

To install the mod, just unzip the content (foldername "01 JD MOD TBM 930 .....") in your ../community folder in your MS FS installation location.

Thanks and credits to Kaosfere4829, PositiveZero, guifarjas31 and Uwajimaya.

I highly recommend the additional use of the G3000 enhancement mod (but read their description very carefully!!!!):

I also strongly recommend to try out guifarjas31´s mod first (instead of mine). He seems to be a real pilot. Only use my mod, if you have technical issues with his mod or you don´t want some specific changes. Basically our mods do the same, but with slightly different numbers. He also made some changes to the inertial seperator and so on.

I made a Quick Reference Guide for Beginners:

I also made a cockpit livery (color variation) for the TBM 930: