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Allows switching ON/OFF of the Glowing Sights and HUD via gamepad or keyboard. Enables Hudless gameplay at any difficulty level chosen.

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HUDfree at ANY difficulty level !    

 (((  This mod is NOT for REDUX  )))


This mod will allow switching ON / OFF of the Glowing Sights and  the HUD -via controller buttons or keyboard keys. Mod includes various Switch and Automatic options . Switching  is  enabled by the use of 3dmigoto, the shader tool this mod is built from. It is manipulating  pixel shaders, either swapping in patched versions or disabling existing ones.  


Unzip MOD and open the OPTIONS  file. Choose which features you would like from the option subfolders. Copy and paste all files from inside the folder you have chosen into your Metro Last Light folder. 

 EXAMPLE for Steam Install ----->   \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Metro Last Light

Remove at anytime - it will not affect your saves. Simply delete the mod files added during install.


KEYBOARD-  TAP (P) key to switch Glow Sights ON/OFF. TAP [Caps Lock] key to toggle the Hud ON/OFF.  HOLD {With Auto versions} (TAB) key to momentarily bring up the Equipment Hud . Auto versions have a functional (Y) {view watch} key.

GAMEPAD-   HOLD Left Trigger(Aim) and DPAD Left + TAP (A) button to switch Glow Sights ON/OFF. HOLD Left Trigger(Aim) and PRESS DPAD Left to switch the HUD ON/OFF. HOLD {with Auto versions} Left Shoulder button or HOLD (Y) for Equipment/Weapon Hud interaction.


AMD cards can work with 3dmigoto -however I cannot test and so will not make files specific to AMD.  See the included README for a link to solution.

DISCLAIMER--  This mod is tested under Windows 7 with a GTX 1080 -and the latest Steam season pass version available. Your experience may vary per specific computer specifications. Game updates may break mod functionality. In addition -manipulating shaders may affect other graphics since they are often shared. I am not noticing anything unusual in game. Again I repeat -your experience may vary. Ty for downloading -and please enjoy the mod.