Metro Exodus

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Adds Global Illumination, AO, AMD CAS sharpening, and DoF.

Permissions and credits
Metro Exodus 2022 HD Graphics Reshade

Picked this game up while I was waiting for Poe League to launch and decided to make a reshade preset!
So a few hours later here we are! Enjoy!

Adds Global Illumination, Fast AO (basically 0 performance impact), AMD CAS sharpening, and DoF. 
Removes the slight green tint the vanilla game has and makes dark areas feel, cold and fire or light areas feel warm.
Expect a 5-10 FPS drop depending on the preset.


  1. Download and install RESHADE (select all shaders to be safe, or see the shader list and select the ones in the list)
  2. Download the Mod file and extract files
  3. copy the presets in the zip file to your [Metro - Exodus] folder (where the game .exe file is)
  4. open Reshade's menu in-game (Home by default)
  5. select one of the presets 

MetroEX_2022HD_Full.ini - all settings enabled
MetroEX_2022HD_Lite.ini - for lower end PC's, AO and DoF is disabled
? MetroEX_2022HD_NoAO.ini  - AO Disabled. Everything else is enabled. (for those who don't like the AO effect.)
? MetroEX_2022HD_NoDOF.ini - DoF Disabled. (for those who don't like DoF. Although I recommend trying DoF out! I think it adds a lot of "depth" to the game lol)

The AO can look weird in foggy or water areas. if you don't like it use the NoAO filter. (this did happen enough to bother me at all so far.)

[email protected]
[email protected]_Fast_Effects.fx
[email protected]_04_Contrast_Brightness_Saturation.fx
[email protected]_06_Depth_Slicer.fx
[email protected]
[email protected]_04_Selective_Color.fx
[email protected]_dof.fx

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