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A cinematic ReShade preset to compliment the stunning visuals of Metro Exodus.

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Metro Exodus is a stunning game with brilliant art design and fantastic graphics, it's very difficult to improve on them.

I have, however.

Like most other cinematic presets out there, you'll find the vanilla tint removed and the colors deepened. The blacks are also darker, and with the added mini borders (doesn't obstruct gun), the horror and tenseness of the game is brought out more. To top it all off, there's a grain filter and soft sharpening to bring out the finer texture details.

You're probably wondering why there aren't any more screenshots? It's because I've already played through this game like 3-4 times, once with this preset. Having to go back and take more pictures is honestly a chore and I really want to just upload this preset for you guys. It looks good, trust me.

ReShade (Duh)

1. Download this ReShade preset and drop it into your game directory.
2. Download and run the ReShade executable.
3. Install ReShade to your Metro Exodus directory with the installer.
3.1. During the installation make sure to install it with the preset you dropped in your game directory.
4. ???
5. Profit.

Not going to lie, this might have a 1% or 2% performance hit on your game. Visuals will depend from person to person. Play around with the games gamma settings or some of the effects. All screenshots are taken in the Enhanced Edition version of the game with all graphical settings ramped up to the max.

Enjoy :)