Metal Unit
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Metal Unit Cheat Plugin

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Tested on game version v04.07.2022, should be compatible with other versions.

Need BepInEx5 to run.

Every option togglable by config file.
If you want a GUI in game to change plugin config rather than config file, use ConfigurationManager.

They are easy to use, only needs to download and put into correct folder under your game installation folder.


Master All Equipments
Master all equipment you've collected when gaining exp
Same as console mastery max command, but need to attack enemy

Infinite Bullet
Infinite ranged weapon bullet
Well, I forget to check the game's built-in assist tools when making this one.

Ultimate Weapon Always Ready
Ultimate weapon gauge always filled

Unlock Built-in Console
The game has a built-in console, just password protected, I removed the authentication check.
press ~ to open console

Useful console commands:
godmode [on/off]
getmoney [amount]
getresearch [amount]
getitem all (unlock all items in collection)
getitem [item id] (give you the item)
you can see item id in game, displayed above item description or under forge material icon
heal [amount]
kill (kill all enemies)
next (kill all enemies and transist to next map node)
map (show world map)
cleardifficulty (mark current diffculty as cleared)
mastery max
mastery [item id]
skin all