Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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S++ Soldier Mod adds S+ and S++ to the field once total base level reaches 448(an average of 64).

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S++ Soldier Mod adds S+ and S++ to the natural progression of units acquirable on the field without breaking the natural progression of the game. They won't replace any units, ranks of current units remain as they already are. They can first be found on the field once Total Base Level is an average of 64(Total of 448). I feel this is better than mods that alter current soldiers or force S++ to show up everywhere, as it maintains the natural progression of the game.

DoItForMe version was faulty and has been updated, it now actually works. I'm so sorry about my failure.  Now ACTUALLY fixed.

Now includes DoItForMe.exe

If you use the executable file, place it in your "Steam\steamapps\common\MGS_TPP\master\" directory and double click it. It is a self-extracting winrar archive that runs a file, DoItForMe.bat, after extract. DoItForMe.bat contains the following commands without the commentary I include here in ()s

@echo OFF (Completely unnessecarry it seems, since it still fills up a window with all the output from MGSV_QAR_Tool)
copy data1.dat data1.dat.original (Makes a copy of your data1.dat file in case something messes up)
MGSV_QAR_Tool.exe data1.dat -r (Runs MGSV_QAR_Tool to extract the data1.dat file and decrypt it.)
copy /Y MbmCommonSetting.lua "/data1/Assets/tpp/motherbase/script/MbmCommonSetting.lua" (Copies the modded file over into the extracted folder, replacing the original\ Removed the quotes around MbmCommonSetting.lua and now the mod actually copies it as it was supposed to.)
MGSV_QAR_Tool.exe data1.inf -r (Runs MGSV_QAR_Tool to repack the data1.dat file with encrypt it, thus 'installing' the mod.)
del /F data1.inf (Deletes a file created by MGSV_QAR_Tool)
del /F dictionary.txt (Deletes a file needed by MGSV_QAR_Tool)
del /F MbmCommonSetting.lua (Deletes the modified file)
del /F MGSV_QAR_Tool.exe (Deletes MGSV_QAR_Tool)
del /F pathid_list_ps3.bin (Deletes a file needed by MGSV_QAR_Tool)
del /F Readme.txt (Deletes MGSV_QAR_Tool's Readme file, which I left with it)
del /F zlib1.dll (Deletes a file needed by MGSV_QAR_Tool)
del /F DoItForMe-69-1-3.exe (Deletes the Winrar Self-extracting Archive, the name is funky because I know that is what Nexus will name it when you download it)
RMDIR /S /Q data1 (Deletes the extracted files from data1.dat that MGSV_QAR_Tool put in a folder)
(goto) 2>nul & del "%~f0" (Deletes DoItForMe.bat though I have no fucking clue why this works)