Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Play as Ocelot and Quiet anywhere. You're no longer restricted to FOBs.

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FOBCharacterEnabler v1.1 (2020-11-01)
By: BobDoleOwndU

If you want to use the (single-wield) Tornado-6 as Ocelot, check out this mod by mohtalgear.

--Changes in this Release--
- Added Reset State option, which will reset the game's state, allowing you to access the esc menu again. (Note: this will also change your character from Ocelot or Quiet if you were playing as them.)

This mod lets you play as Ocelot and Quiet outside of FOB missions.

Turn the menu on and off by pressing the FOCUS (Binoculars) and LEFT keys at the same time (should be F + Left Arrow by default).

Scroll the menu with the UP and DOWN keys. Activate the selected option by pressing the RIGHT key.

--Known Bugs/Issues--
-You cannot use the dual Tornadoes.
-You cannot use the Tornado-6 while playing as Ocelot.
-The menu brought up by the escape key will not work once you change to Ocelot/Quiet. This is because the game needs to be tricked into thinking you're in the sortie prep for this mod to work.
-The game will force change your character at the beginning of every mission. You will need to change back to Ocelot/Quiet every time.