Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Unlocks the Player avatar for use without having to beat the secret mission

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They say that when one retires they are filled with one of 2 R's, Regret, and Relief (i think), and it is with a decent amount of Regret (but most relief) that I'll be stopping support for the mod for the meantime. My work and study, as well as my own games I've been working on, hasn't left me with the time to properly test the mod (looking at you 45 minute Hospital Scene), so I wont be adding new versions of the mod for the foreseeable future.

I will however leave instructions on how I made the mod (considering its literally one line of code in the TPPTerminal.lua).

I'll also leave the downloads there, but no guarantees the .dat files will work, the .lua though should remain compatible with all future updates until they make an update which uses said .lua file.

Get MGSV_QAR_TOOL, (instructions on how to use it are included with the file). Uncompress and Unencrypt 00.dat (which should be in master/0), you'll find TPPTerminal.lua in assets/tpp/scripts/lib. Somewhere in that file. roughly line 870 something, you'll find the following code:


"vars.isAvatarPlayerEnable=1" and putting it elsewhere will cause the Avatar to be unlocked when that line is run. I put it in:

function e.SetUp()

Found roughly around line 380. e.SetUp() appears to run when the game is loading you into the ACC so it can setup any missions and content you should have access to based on your story progress. Deft Modders/Programmers can probably look through the file though and find a better spot to put it, but thats what Ive been using.

Once the avatar is unlocked, if you save the game you and remove the mod, the Avatar will remain unlocked, as the avatars unlock status is saved in your save file.

And with that Im off, Ill keep an eye on the comments in the event anything comes up that I need to address, once my study load cools off a bit and I have some more time, Ill look into updating the mod again.

.Lua install Instructions: You need to uncompress and unencrypt 00.dat and put this file in the 00.dat\assets\tpp\scripts\lib, then recompress and re-encrypt 00.dat, this is done using MGSV_QAR_TOOL, instructions on how to use it are included with the tool, which you can find on NexusMods, and a ReadME is included with TPPTermial.lua with install instructions). If your not using any other mods, and/or dont understand anything in part 2, this isn't the file you need.