Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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This is a simple scripting mod which cleans off the blood and dirty effects from the player upon entering a portable toilet. This way, the player can clean off without returning to Mother Base.

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Pretty self-explanatory. Entering a portable toilet will clean the player.

Personally, I thought it was annoying to fly all the way back to mother base if you wanted to shower off. Sure, you can call in a weather modification to make it rain, but even that won't get rid of the flies. This mod is my practical solution.

The new "provisional showers" are intentionally less effective than Mother Base's showers. For example:
  • MB's showers will keep the player clean for ~5 days before flies appear. Provisional showers will keep snake clean for ~2 days before flies appear.
  • MB's showers will boost the player's max health. Provisional showers will not.
For these reasons, showering at mother base is still worthwhile.

I hope you like it! This mod can be installed via SnakeBite Mod Manager - [SBWM] (For both Infinite Heaven and Non-Infinite Heaven Users)