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Announces calculation of player camo index on reload button hold for one second.

Accounts for:
        -stance (including hiding on horse)
        -vehicle or horse ride
        -unsuppressed gunfire
        -free roam vehicle enclosed bonus (currently applies to any deployed vehicle)
        -default fatigue camo bonus (Black Ocelot at night, Splitter when in vehicle, else if matching material exists at location)
        -nightime camo bonus
        -carrying character (currently applies to any character carry)
        -guard phase
        -taking cover

Using with other mods that use TppMain.lua and Tpp.lua (e.g. Infinite Heaven):
    Infinite Heaven r199+:
        -Place the cbpCamoIndex.lua file in Infinite Heaven's modules folder (.\Steam\steamapps\common\MGS_TPP\mod\modules) and start the game.

    Infinite Heaven <r199:
Delete TppMain.lua and Tpp.lua from this mod's .mgsv file and rebuild it with just cbpCamoIndex.lua. Use 7zip to open Infinite Heaven's .mgsv. For Tpp.lua he moved the script under the table this.requires. Add on "/Assets/tpp/script/lib/cbpCamoIndex.lua" to the end of that table (don't place a comma after it if adding to end). For TppMain.lua he changed the function and variables as well. Search for function this.SetUpdateFunction and go to the table moduleUpdateFuncs. Add cbpCamoIndex.Update to the end of the table. Rebuild Infinite Heaven.
    Generic merge:
        -Delete both Tpp.lua and TppMain.lua files from either this mod's .mgsv file or the mod you're trying to merge it with:
            -Tpp.lua: add "/Assets/tpp/script/lib/cbpCamoIndex.lua" to the end of the e.requires table
            -TppMain.lua: add cbpCamoIndex.Update to the end of table variable a in the e.SetUpdateFunction(e)
        -Rebuild the .mgsv files with MakeBite and reinstall them

    - Cbox type now checked. Camo bonus will no longer be given when using water-resistant or smoke cboxes. Cbox camo bonus will be given by location like with fatigue camo bonus.
    - Vehicle and stationary weapon gunfire checks added. Does not factor in actual discharge, only if the fire button is pressed and vehicle has a weapon.
    - Stealth camo now factored into total camo bonus.
    - Enclosed vehicle bonus will now take into account vehicle type, player vehicle damage, and vehicle fire.
    - Bonus for carrying an enemy fixed; now only given if the carried AI is alive and an enemy.
    - When wearing Splitter fatigues an index bonus will be added when operating stationary weapons (AA gun, mortar, searchlight, etc.).
    - Patch: typo caused idle speed to give a bonus of 10. Now properly set 0.
    - Patch: syntax errors with guard phases interfered with bonuses possessing guard phase conditionals.
    - Patch: bonus for carrying enemy soldier was being given for any AI, will now only occur if the AI is alive and an enemy.
    - Patch: freeroam enclosed vehicle bonus now being given properly (was being given when using jeep or truck).

    - Camo surface bonus being given if material type exists at location (AFGH,MAFR,MTBS,CYPR) rather than by catching player collision with material.
    - Player illumination not checked. Only the +10 stacked bonus for nighttime ci.
    - No status check for prone stealth mode. Might be possible by keeping track of action button press
    - No status check for vehicle speed. PlayerStatus always returns STOP. Could implement by keeping track of player distance travelled.
    - Hiding in truck cabin is not checked. PlayerStatus always STAND in vehicles.