Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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All type of versions can be found in here. Fresh Start and 100% Progress with GZ and DLC content.
Unlocked Extra ++

Permissions and credits
Updated to Final Version

Backup your save files first, then delete your '311340' folder and copy mine to the location bellow.
Install Location: Steam\userdata\<steamid>\311340

GamePlus Version
*All weapons and Items including Online are Unlocked.
*All Emblems Unlocked
*All Members are S++ (Some DLC and GZ Members are not S++ because they are locked)
*1400 Super Soldiers (Max Stats, Max Medals, Max Languages except Kikongo because of Missions 26-29 and No Troublemakers)

*All Anti Air Radar Destroyed (Afganistan Only)
*Weapons, Base, Vehicles and Companions Customization is Untouched
Missions done can be repeated and cutscenes will always trigger so don't be affraid you will not lose any story plot.
Do not auto rearrange soldier or else you will lose them because at this point in story you do not have yet enough space for them all.
Prologue Awekening (Done)
Mission 1 Phantom Limbs (Done)
Mission 2 Flashback Diamond Dogs (Done)
Mission 5 Over the Fence (Done)

100% Complete Version
All Missions (S Rank and All Tasks) Side Ops Done
*All weapons and Items are Unlocked (Exception Check Bellow)
*All Members are SPP (Some DLC and GZ Members are not S++ because they are locked)
*1400 Super Soldiers (Max Stats, Max Medals, Max Languages and No Troublemakers)
*Motherbase and FOB1 all maxed out (1400 members)
*D-Horse, D-Dog and Quiet Max Bond
*All Emblems Unlocked including online Event
*All Invoices Unlocked
*All Anti Air Radar Destroyed
*Full Storage of Processed and Raw Materials
*Full Storage of Parasites
*Full Storage of Plants
*All Types of Base defense
*All Types of Vehicles
*All Types of Animals
*All Cassete Tapes
*All Pictures
*All Posters
*All Weapons Camos
*All Motherbase Colors
*All Nameplates
*Weapons, Base, Vehicles and Companions Customization is Untouched
*500 Nuke Material but no Nukes
(Exception)= Some Weapons and Items, are server side wich cannot be unlocked by nobody!
Check my Nexus Page to see all missing key items.

I tried to cheat those pesky weapons that take 10 day to develope and i almost got hit by a hammer of justice.
I learned that i should not mess with data packages server wise xD
Since i failed to get around that you guys will need to develope some weapons and items if you so decide to go online.
Hope you enjoy as much as i suffered doing this.

Primary Slot 1

Primary Slot 2

Secondary Slot 1

Secondary Slot 2

Support Items

All Gear (Male)

All Gear (Female)

Weapons Customizations Untouched (All Colors)

Motherbase Full of Super Soldiers (Max Stats, Max Medals and 50% of them are Female)

Buddies Full Bond and Full Gear

All Nameplates

All Emblems Including Event

All MotherBase Colors

Full Farm (Zero Nukes)