Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Gather an army with only the skills you want.

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Gather an army with only the skills you want. Choose any one of the following:

Tough Guy
Quick Reload
Quick Draw
Or "All Combat": e.g. Savage will make every single enemy a Savage, but with All Combat the above skills will be distributed evenly among the population.

Or "All PF skills": The below skills will be distributed evenly among the population.
Ranger 3
Sentry 3
Defender 3
Medic 3
Ballistic Engineer 3
Liquid Engineer 3

Or Troublemaker, Boaster, or Botanist

Or "No Bad Skills" with every skill but the bad ones.

This mod does not affect the skills of your current staff. It does affect all non-unique soldiers in single player and volunteers (including FOB volunteers). It completely eliminates all other skills, except for some unique characters (mainly the R&D specialists). The idea is if you want 30 Tough guys, install Tough guy version. Then you can uninstall it and get 30 Gunmen or 300 PF-skill soldiers or whatever you want.

This mod uses MbmCommonSettings.lua, which is the same as S++ mods and the fast brig conversion mod. To make this simple for you, I have created  versions for S++, S+, S, default ranks, and gradual S++. All versions have the fast brig. And with everything you can choose either Snakebite [SBWM] or manual .lua's 

Standard install for either snakebite or manual. For details see my readme file.
Always make sure to backup your save folders first (named 287700 and 311340) located in Steam/userdata/(random numbers)/

Thank you to tinmantex for the useful advice.
Thanks to Jarhad whose S++ mod helped me learn about mbmcommonsettings. He also made the gradual S++ code.
Thanks to CantStoptheBipBop for their quick brig conversion mod.

Latest updates:

  • Ban-Preventer: I have added options for S+ and S-ranked staff. I believe Konami is looking for bases that have too many S++ to ban. I believe if you have a good mix of S++ and S+, you can avoid a ban. My suggestion is 50% S+ or more, but it's up to you. I have been almost 100% S++ for months with no ban, but I also never invade anybody. If you are like me and already have a maxed out S++ base, you will need to dismiss a bunch of them before extracting S+, or else the S+ will go straight to dismissed. Obviously I do not guarantee your account's safety, use at your own risk as with all mods.

  • FOB trolling: for cheeky defenders, now you can troll your invaders by staffing your security unit with unwanted guards. Invaders won't be extracting anybody if all your guards are troublemakers, but they can't see that from the FOB preparation screen. Or they might extract them all if they don't scan, but they'll regret it afterwards! Boasters will disguise your security ranks. S and S+ boasters will make your FOB appear to be a higher rank when it isn't. S++ boasters will still show an S++ FOB, but when the invader scans your guards he will think they are only S or S+ if they are all boasters.

  • No Bad Skills: Added a new file that has an even distribution of normal skills but no troublemakers, boasters, or diplomats.

  • Botanist: Added botanist-only file for S, S+, S++

  • In all files, some unique characters (prisoners, skilled soldiers) have their original skills. All generic soldiers and volunteers will have the modified skill and rank that you choose.

  • In total I wrote 42 files from scratch. They should all be fine but lmk if any of them don't work. No way can I play-test all of them. I will try to keep this updated with the game but this will probably be the last expansion, unless someone knows the code for the prosthetic arm skills (hit me up please). Thanks for your support.