Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Your401kPlan with special thanks to the Modders Heaven Community

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This is page will have all my custom game ready models for anyone to use. See description for details

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Foreward- A special thanks:
My mods, my assets, etc would not be possible without the patient, generous, and kind members of the Modders Heaven mod community. Through them I've not only experienced but created many amazing mods for one of my all time favorite games. Because of this I'd like to list some people who have helped me and whose experience and help I cannot thank enough for:

and more...

Hi, so I'll keep this straight to the point:

This page is where I'll upload all my fmdl's with accompanying custom textures in a relatively easy to find place. It might be a mess at times cause this isn't my top priority.

Some of these will have custom textures. In those cases I'll add a folder labelled textures and you can set them up yourself in FMDL studio. Many of these mods use base game textures and in those cases the models are game ready. Meaning they can just be swapped over a similar model and used.

I'll be updating this pretty much any time I make a mod. So check back every once in a while.

Contents: 9/12/21

Soviet Spetsnaz Mashups (And Texture Variations)

Balaclavas with NVG's 

High Quality Altyn Helmet (FMDL Ready)

S6 Gas Mask (FMDL Ready)

Ingram Mac 10 (FMDL Ready)

OTs-Kiparis (FMDL Ready)

AKM (FMDL Ready)

SAS Outfit (FMDL Ready)


-Do I need to credit you to use these?

-There is a problem with one of the models!
Let me know in the bug report form or reach me on the modders heaven discord, it makes it easier for me to fix it if that's the case.

-How do I get this in the game?
Use them in a mod. If you don't want to make a mod then keep an eye out of them in someone else's mods or my own.