Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Killing child soldiers no longer triggers a Game Over.

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DISCLAIMER: May be triggering and/or offensive. Killable Children is potentially contentious and as such will be switched over to Adult Only content if so requested by Administration/Moderation.


Based off of the old Killable Children mod:

 This version has been revised to work with MGSV:TPP


- Killing children (in any mission) will no longer result in a Game Over screen, making child soldiers valid targets for lethal weapons.


- Miller will still say that he will fail the mission if you kill any child soldiers. Right now I don't have the time to cut out his radio clips, and since it's only a cosmetic problem, it's not a high priority for me to fix.
- Crosshairs might still turn red if positioned over a dead child soldier. Intel team will still report enemy Field Of Movement despite the child soldiers being dead (Untested. Might no longer happen anymore.)
- You may be able to kill Eli / The White Mamba and thus render mission 23 impossible to complete without receiving a Game Over screen (untested)


- Because of a different implementation, unlike the old version of Killable Children, this version shouldn't touch non-child compulsory targets which must be extracted alive, which means you'll still get a Game Over screen if you kill a non-child hostage you must rescue.


- Infinite Heaven v251r and above has this mod built in. As such, I no longer need to provide compatibility patches. The DIY section still works for older versions of IH (or other mods which modify TppMission.lua) if you really want to patch it yourself.



This version of Killable Children is implemented by adding an exception to the ReserveGameOver function, instead of completely removing the function (which caused all compulsory targets to fail to trigger a Game Over screen if killed). The way this is done is through a simple check inserted in the function:

-- CFW - Killable Children
if svars.mis_gameOverType==TppDefine.GAME_OVER_TYPE.PLAYER_KILL_CHILD_SOLDIER then
  return false
-- CFW - Killable Children - End

You can open up the MGSV file with any archive manipulator (7-zip or the like) and take a look at the lua file yourself if you want to see it implemented (It's properly commented out for your convenience, so all you have to do is search for "CFW" in the .lua file)



Q. What does CFW mean?
A. A way for me to mark my edits so I don't spend too much time looking for whatever I've done in  the thousands line of code. A reference to CFWMagic.

Q. What's that weapon you're using in the screenshot?
A. I installed Real Weapon Names and modified some weapon stats to fit closer to their real life counterparts. The weapon is a Bambetov-SV, modified to have proper 10 round magazines.