Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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This is a work in progress SideOp pack that follows Venom as he secures the assets for Outer Heaven.

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This is a work in progress SideOp pack that follows Venom as he secures the assets that he will need to build up Outer Heaven. It contains the following:

30621 Shot Maker - Boss, Ocelot has been in contact with an informant in Tselinoyarsk.The two of them have tracked down a shotgun specialist that would be a great fit for our ranks.  Ocelot said he used to be a member of his old unit back in the GRU. You know what to do. Get in there and get him back to Mother Base. The boys in the brig will do the rest.

30623 Machinegun Kid - We got an intel report about a former SAS operative who's working in a PF somewhere in Central Africa. Our contact in Tselinoyarsk said he would be able to make some arrangements to hold up a convoy that this guy will be in. Get in there while they're distracted and recover this guy. He's a real master of machine guns so he could prove pretty useful.

30625 Fire Trooper - We got another tip from our contact in Tselinoyarsk There's a former GSG 9 member who hopped the wall and is now stationed in Aghanistan. Luckily for you his weapon of choice isn't standard issue. Afghanistan is hot enough without someone running around with a flame thrower. Get in there and pull him out, we could use an operative like him on our team.

30627 Dirty Duck - We got some inside information about a prisoner transfer going down in Central Africa. Apparently the operation is being overseen by a pretty dangerous character. It might be useful to have someone with his kind of cunning around the base. Take him in alive, but be careful. This guy is full of tricks.

30628 TX-55 - Boss, we just recieved a data casette from our mysterious source in Tselinoyarsk. If his information is true, then the Russians are working on something in Afghanistan... something big. The intel suggests that they have a prototype for a new form of Metal Gear. We don't know if it is operational yet or not, but we need to get the designs for this new weapon into the hands of our boys in R&D right away. Inflitrate the base where it is being housed and get those plans. They should be stored on a diagnostics terminal near the weapon. We're counting on you Boss.

30629 TX-55 [Total Stealth] - Same as the above, but the SideOp will cancel if the enemy goes into combat

Special Thanks:
Corfid Bizna for the excellent TX-55 model that is featured in the mission. You can find more of their work at
Jinmar for walking me through all of the issues I had with getting the TX-55 into the game
The Modders' Heaven Discord server for all of the help and support that they always give