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two save files. One is 99.9% where one easy task is left. The other is for achievement hunters where you have just under 1400 S++ soldiers , a ton of money and resources and quiet is back.

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As of 2021 there are now two save files. One that takes minutes to get 100% the other is for achievement hunters. There are a few users on here who have 100% files which are fantastic I decided to make one where people could help get the last few achievements that do not include FOB (online) missions. I would go with one of the other 100% save files on here if you've already got all the achievements.

"99.9% file"
I developed only a few weapons
one task is left - capture a Cashmere goat
The play time was around 35 hours.

"Achievement hunter"
you'll have just under 1400 S++ soldiers. Code talker, miller, ocelot and snake as well as a few soldiers cannot be fired or go to S++ legitimately
over 3,000,000 fame
and a very high amount of resources vehicles and GMP (money)
All the weapons are unlocked except the Renov ICKX-BIS
Quiet is back after she leaves
There is around 45 hours of game play

With all the weapons unlocked I did it using a software instead of waiting ridiculous amounts of time for guns some take hours if not days. If you plan to keep them and still get the achievements set up your antivirus firewall to block metal gear solid 5 from going on the internet. If not back up your old save files. Get the achievements and then go back to your personal save file is one approach that may work. With the Renov ICKX-BIS you'll have to unlock it legitimately. Luckily you've got the staff to most likely get it. I say just get the "end of burdens" with Guns By Glecas mod if you just play single player and want to one hit kill almost anything in the game with a head shot except sahelanthropus on extreme.

So what is left
1) - Finish the last two tasks on mission 2. They pop up after the Fulton extraction part of the lesson. Don't just run to the chopper.
2) - Finish mission 4  - C2W - with an S rank
3) - Capture the Tschiniko in the northern part of Africa. It's very simple. I've put the location.
4) - Blow up the mines in the last side ops mission in Afghanistan
5) - Get the last blueprint in Masa village The location is in the last 2 images
6) - give Paz all the photos in the medical platform

you can customize the guns colors to parts in the helicopter under customize. Not during a mission or hanging around mother base.
you can change the song the helicopter plays by going to "cassette tapes" and pressing Y (Triangle on a Playstation controller)

Remember you can put custom music into the game by putting the MP3 files in the game as well this is the file folder assuming the game is installed on your C:/ drive.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MGS_TPP\CustomSoundtrack

Tips to get the last few tasks
To get Ocelot to trigger the last two tasks pretend to walk to the chopper after developing the box and then walk back towards him. Choke one person out and then punch someone out and you're done.

The best advice for C2W is to stand looking above the base where the big diamond task was located. There is a cliff you can easily hit all 3 targets with your "Rocket Arm". You'll know it's the right mountain you're getting close to if you see the two wolves. Go into it and it's a mountain that looks over the whole area. Besides that tips to get an S ranking. Don't get spotted, no reflex (or use Acceleramin reflex pills) Don't kill anyone and Make sure you're not wearing a level 11 sneaking suit or the infinity bandana and don't use the stealth suit. Done right you can do this without firing a shot. Even taking my time and doing it in under 5 minutes I was able to get an S rank. I doubt there is enough soldiers stationed there to get a head shot or tactical takedown to get an S rank easier.

The Tschiniko you place capture cages near the stream north of the mine it's in the images. Remember to get back in the helicopter afterwards or the capture cages the game "forgets" about. I've tried 3 times over the years to get Tschiniko and got them my first try each time.

Blowing up the mines is self explanatory the only way you'd have issues is teleporting directly to there. If you take a chopper there and do everything normally you'll be fine.

the blueprint in masa village is in a house near the boat you fight Eli (White mamba / Liquid snake). The best way to do this is during free roam. The blueprint will be on a shelf on the right inside a building.

I reset the counter using infinite heaven so people can get the Paz achievement

Version 3 of this - I made the Raiden suit accessible and of course the Paz counter was reset to 0 so you can get that annoying achievement. To save a lot of time use infinite heaven to skip helicopter rides and return to the ACC without calling a chopper. All you've got to do is pass paz the photo and before she's done talking you can leave again. Once in the hallway outside her room you can "return to ACC" and go onto the next photo.

The whole purpose of this is to get achievements. If you just want a 100% file try the others on here instead.