Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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The CIA is trying to stir up trouble in conflict zones - stop them

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Operation R.Y.A.N
Raketno-Yadernoe Napadenie (R.Y.A.N) was a Soviet operation in the Cold War to prevent the United States from escalating tensions through a first strike. This page is where I'll be uploading missions that I've made using SideOp Companion and FoxKit.


ELIMINATE THE CIA AGENTS: A CIA cell embedded within the Red Army is planning a false flag attack in Afghanistan to justify an armed NATO presence in the region. The KGB and HVA have uncovered their plot and have tasked you with stopping it in its tracks. They're guarded by a small unit of soldiers who are members of a Russian fascist group, naturally, that was organized by Langley as well. Kill the spooks and anyone who stands in your way, no one is going to miss them.

  1. Install Infinite Heaven
  2. Install this mod via SnakeBite
  3. Select the side op from the side op list. If it doesn't let you, you can manually activate it from the side op menu of Infinite Heaven from the ACC

Known Issues:
Guard at the approach has some messed up pathfinding data and bugs out [X] Fixed
One of the targets is a hostage for now and you lose heroism if you kill him (which you must) I'll be adjusting that soon [X] Fixed
Future Plans:
I plan on adding more missions to this list, this first one is a proof of concept and was uploaded this fast for feedback.
It's my second mod ever and I want to make sure each part of it works before adding more content.

Special thanks to CapLagRobin and MorbidSlinky for helping me through this process. If you're interested in the mod making process I recommend you join the Modders Heaven discord, I had zero knowledge on any part of this process and wouldn't be able to make these mods without them.