Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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why are we still here just to suffer

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Do you want to turn your mother base into waifu base? Are you tired of slowly farming female soldiers through side ops? Do you want to put those swimsuits you developed to good use? Then this is the right mod for you! Unlike other female soldier farms, there is absolutely zero thought or effort required!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a group of custom side ops, which drop you right into the middle of a pile of female staff, for easy farming. I've put as many as possible in one location without the game crashing. The side op is completely effort and danger free, and can be accessed essentially as soon as side ops are available. This mod also allows you to determine the skills that the staff will spawn with.

For most optimal waifu farming, set some settings in Infinite Heaven:
Set yourself to spawn instantly at free roam drop zones.
Force enable the side op you will be farming through the side ops menu.

Incompatible with other custom side op mods, but other than it should be compatible with everything else.

Use Snakebite
Install Infinite Heaven(for custom side ops framework):Infinite Heaven download
Install this mod.

Recommended mods:
S++ soldier mod(for s++ waifus):S++ mod
Fulton extraction 3000(for instant auto mark fulton):extraction3000
offline develop swimsuits(what else are they going to wear?)(only needed for offline):offline development swimsuits
new female faces and hairs(for better looking waifus):new female faces and hairs

Questions you may have:
Will I get banned?:
Probably not, Konami stopped caring a while ago, but use at your own risk anyway.

Where are the side ops?:
They should be at the bottom of the side ops list. If they don't show up make sure to do all sideops in and around Da Wialo Kallai. Or just force open it using the Infinite Heaven menu.

Will they be s++ by default?:
No, you should download S++ soldier mod(listed above) if you're looking for s++ female staff.

Made with SideOp Companion:SideOp Companion