Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Replaces hair option 2 with the MSF Balaclava

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Update: April 7 2021 - Updated for current game version. Thank you for your patience.

Update 3: Added no headphones version

  • Replaces hair slot 2

  • Will overwrite any mod you have that replaces hair slot 2, choose one or the other

  • If you have something that replaces a hair slot other than 2, SnakeBite will likely list it as a conflict, don't worry if you know the other mod doesn't affect slot 2

  • It also makes your avatars face invisible and loads a new face over it if you select "Re-select basic face shape" then choose preset 2.

So here's the directions put simply:

  1. Make Sure "Avatar Horn Removal" is uninstalled, this mod removes the horn anyways
  2. Install the mod via Snakebite, choose ONE of the two versions or you might mess up the head model.
  3. Select "Customize Avatar"
  4. Choose "Re-select Basic face shape"
  5. Then choose "Preset 2"
  6. Change/Adjust your eyes to your liking
You're done, might want to also change the skin color since it is mismatched.

I'm genuinely sorry if you play as a person of color, I'm not skilled enough to make a texture version for the different skin shades :(