Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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More presets based on Aaoms' updated Shigu Camera Framework.

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The chain of this framework goes back to @mxmstr figuring out how to do this in the first place, @Shigu putting it together, and @Aaoms' effective supplements. Next in the chain is me, who adds absolutely nothing functionally to this framework.

That being said, these presets include something you probably haven't seen in the others; Custom Field of View settings per preset. These should help distinguish the styles and make them feel better and more interesting to use.

Allow me to dive into this a little deeper;

A set of presets spurred on by the generous upkeep of the Shigu Framework by Aaoms. Included in this are:

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Style - 
A fantastic stealth game with a fantastic camera. High field of view, good view of your body and your surroundings, prone view is based off of the camera in vents in the original game.

MGS2 Style -
A very far and wide camera that encourages you to look over obstacles and gives you a great perspective on just about anything. Cover camera is based off of particular points of cover in MGS2.

Shoulder Hugger Style - 
A hearty middle finger to one of my friends for complimenting the Resident Evil 6 camera.
That being said, he kinda liked it, so I'm leaving it here.

Contains an extra file dedicated entirely to MGS2 presets, with an extra two variations in place of the Splinter Cell & Shoulder Hugger styles.
-Offset for a wider view range. -
-Inside for use in extremely cramped spaces. -