Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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More comfortable camera views for Raiden, Sam and Wolf. Done by decompressing game files and raising all relevant values by the same amount. This will affect Blade Mode, Bosses etc. without breaking anything thanks to being able to work with the raw .xml data the Engine ultimately calls without using HEX edits. Works on the PS3 version as well.

Permissions and credits
For Raiden's main file I upped the camera distance (Dist value internally) and camera follow limits (AngXMin,AngXMax) as well as the FOV because, unlike Sam, his third person parameters were very rigid. By only changing the FOV, Raiden would tend to occupy the center of the screen almost exclusively, negating part of the point of a wider view. However, that is more in the style of the original experience and I alternate to it sometimes so it is available as an optional file. The "core.dat" file will make it so the camera Interpolation math is aware of the now 20% higher FOV it's working with, which in turn means a reduced chance of bad angles (like stuck on a character's back/inside an enemy during Zandatsu etc.).

Wolf's DLC episode is not touched for now as I haven't played much of it and his vanilla camera is the most relaxed as is. I might change it in the near future but I didn't want to just alter the files without checking them out in real gameplay scenarios.

^^^ Well, nevermind all that. Had some more time to test Wolf.

Known issues:
- Certain animations will momentarily alter the FOV because they have some values baked-in. I actually like it since it makes the camera more dynamic and the transitions are smooth. This is present in vanilla, but the general values were much lower/closer and the change less noticeable. Examples are some of Raiden's strong attack finishers (like Y, X, Y) and his leg launcher (f,f X). This may be changed in the future because I'm already getting acquainted with animation modding/replacement, but modding out the awful directional restrictions in combos and the inconsistent camera auto-tracking is the priority (these two are vanilla problems).

Credits and thanks:
- Shigu from the MGR modding Forums ( now housed in ) - Their modded camera files were very helpful during the initial steps, especially at first when everything was done by HEX editing.
- Kerilk and his awesome Bayonetta Tools - Their Ruby-powered scripts and Binary Templates (010 Editor) are the reason changing the game files without depending on HEX is possible. Who knows how many months I would've spent reverse-engineering to get to the same place I did in a week, and that's assuming everything went well lol. Also thanks to them I can experiment with animation modding (through Noesis).