Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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Model swap replacing the HF Blade with the carbon fiber sword from the prologue. Rename the files as mentioned in the guide to replace different swords instead.

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I followed a guide buried in years old forums. Quoted from said tapatalk forum:

If the D/L link goes dead (which it seems it did), you can implement this fix yourself easily enough:

0.) Unpack data000.cpk and/or data104.cpk (for Fox Blade) via this tutorial. 
1.) Copy/cut pl0102.dat and pl0102.dtt from the unpacked pl folder to a free folder.
2.) Rename both files to pl1012.dat/.dtt (if replacing the regular HF Blade).
3.) Move both files to <game path>/GameData/pl/.

To replace the other weapons' models/textures:

Regular HF Blade - pl1012
Armor Breaker - pl3000
Stun Blade - pl3001
HF Long Sword - pl3002
Wooden Sword - pl3003
HF Machete - pl3004
HF Murasama Blade - pl3005
Fox Blade - pl1301