Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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Two save files, a save decked out with every weapon/armor unlocked/purchased and max counts of every item/sub-weapon, and a save with everything unlocked/completed, but nothing purchased and no items/sub-weapons picked up at all.

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This mod has two savefiles, one is a maxed out file for blasting the game in NG+ using any sub-weapons and such as desired, and the other is a file with every chapter completed on every difficulty as well as every VR mission completed with a rank 1, but no weapon upgrades purchased, no moves purchased, no items picked up and no sub-weapons picked up.

One note on that first one is I opted not to upgrade the wooden sword's attack, this is because it upgrades to become weaker, if you would like it weaker on that file you can buy that yourself.

The purpose of the second file is for doing things such as playing certain fights with specific weapon strengths (i.e. upgrading the HF blade to strength 2 specifically for practicing R-03) or making specific custom files for NG+ (i.e. you may want to do a NG+ speedrun and you decide you want to do it on Easy difficulty so you only want 100HP, and to only pick up EM Grenades and Barrels for the file setup.) There's also a couple different files actually included, one with 9,999,999BP for buying whatever you want, and one with 0BP specifically for practicing BP routes for NG speedruns.

As an aside; the cleardata for chapters is set to terrible ranks so any new clear will be saved, the playtimes for the files are set to 0 so all the playtime is whatever you've actually played, and the VR missions are cleared at the highest possible time allowed that's still rank 1, so new records can still be fairly set.