Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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This tool will override the 800x600 resolution of "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" with any custom resolution you want. Aspect ratio overrides aren't supported yet.
Open the patcher and select your executable location. Then simply type the new resolution values in the fields given and click "Patch"
Original Mod Creator: Darío/Darioff

Permissions and credits
This mod was originally uploaded by Darío/Darioff/samothethief to a NeoGaf forum. All credits go to him, I take no credit for the creation of this mod.
Link to the original NeoGaf forum post here:

  • Weird behaviour with shadowmaps at very high resolutions. It's probably related to VRAM usage?
  • HUD and menu bugs/glitches are common.
  • You have to re-select the resolution each time you boot up the game. It's annoying, but it's due to the way the game tries to autodetect the
    resolution on the display list it should use. (i.e., if you use 1600x900 and boot up in that resolution, the game will try to cap it to the next lowest resolution, 1366x768)
  • Might not work in fullscreen if you don't have the display mode available due to this game requesting the refresh rate of it.
  • Should work fine in Windowed mode.


I wanted to reupload this to NexusMods so that mods for Metal Gear Rising are easier to access for more users and so that the small modding community gets more exposure and hopefully grows larger.
I am going to do my best to upload any other mods I have to Nexus as they are hard to come by. Most download links are dead and you have to go through a lot of sifting through comments to find users who have reuploaded the originals. There is no collection of all essential mods in one place as they are all scattered on different websites. I mean no disrespect to the original mod creators nor do I take any credit for these mods.