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Adds Prometheus from Mega Man ZX as a playable character.

Permissions and credits

The devs of Rockman X Dive had originally planned on adding Prometheus as a playable character. However, due to the End of Service and the main game going Offline, Prometheus never made it in the online service of the game. Though Prometheus's fate was sealed when the X Dive servers faced end of service, his story does not have to end there. Thanks to the efforts of our small team of passionate modders in RXD: Derivative Works, we were able to add him as an actual playable custom character, with new skills and animations to play as in Offline FOR FREE! This character's memory frag can be purchased in the Custom Character Store.

Disclaimer: This mod is NOT endorsed by Capcom, but the modders have managed to faithfully recreate him within the game.

Requires BepInEx, Unpacked GameAssembly Binary and the latest Tangerine v1.0.3 to work. Read its description carefully for installing instructions!

To install, make sure you have the requirement above installed first before proceeding.
Then extract and place into your BepInEx/mods folder.

Special Thanks to our lovely Community members in RXD: Derivative Works who helped contributed to this Mod:

Lead Project:
  • baretto - Character rigging, custom skills, voice asset ripping

Early Testers:
  • Aoki Deltaliya - Programming skill functionality, character controller plugin, proposition, etc
  • Yeonseok - Stress test
  • Django - Helping out with particle effects, proposition, etc
  • TomycaseM - Character art in DiVE Style, character skill icons, dragonbones animation, SFX asset ripping
  • NØNE/Dragon - For modeling the scythe.
  • HeatPhoenix - Prometheus's helmet mesh

  • 大赦天下宇将军之沟帮子烧鸡 - Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) 
  • Tenjo Tooru - Japanese
  • NØNE/Dragon - Español
  • lMRlAsura - Portuguese

If you're looking for mods that are not available on Nexus, please do join our Discord server, RXD: Derivative Works, for more mods!