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Makes numerous editing and translation improvements to the English script for Battle Network 2.

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This is a mod for the Legacy Collection version of Mega Man Battle Network 2 that aims to generally improve the quality of the English script while mostly keeping to the original localization. It fixes and improves many lines, the result of a more or less full script comparison with the Japanese text.

In general, this mod:
  • Fixes typos and other text mistakes.
  • Improves strange or incorrect wording resulting from a lack of context.
  • Redoes a lot of the questionable/broken-English dialogue for many "foreigner" characters.
  • Retranslates numerous lines that were missing details or nuances, or were outright mistranslated.
  • Overall edits the script as a whole to read better.

More details on the types of changes can be found in the Readme.


  1. Download and install the latest version of ChaudLoader onto your installation of Legacy Collection Volume 1.
  2. After ChaudLoader has been installed, go to the local game files for Volume 1 and find the "mods" folder. Place the "BN2Revision" folder there, then launch the game and enable this mod in the mod list.

The mod simply replaces a few files in the data archives, so it is also fairly simple to install manually without ChaudLoader if you want.

  1. Go to the game files and change the extension of "data/exe2j.dat" to ".zip." You may want to make a backup first.
  2. Open that file as a ZIP archive, and navigate to the "exe2j/data/msg/" directory.
  3. Replace "message_eng.mpak" and "" with the new versions from the mod folder.
  4. Change the extension of the data file from ".zip" back to ".dat."


Script extraction and insertion done using Prof. 9's TextPet and RockmanEXEZone's MMBNLC scripts.

All other editing and translation work done by vgperson.

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