MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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This is an add-on pack that brings in missing IS weapons and equipment (See list of included items in full description).

Permissions and credits
***NOTE: This mod has a custom AssetRegistry.bin. This will cause interference with ANY mod that also uses a custom AssetRegistry.bin, which will prevent content from showing up in one or both mods.***
***Added support for CSZolee's YetAnotherMech mod. See details at the bottom of the description details.***

Brief Note: The new mod system effed some things up.
You CAN use this in the new mod system (not the old system), BUT the new weapons and equipment WILL NOT show up in Instant Action yet.

A Bit of History: I started this mod because a friend wanted an Annihilator C. That mech uses all Clan equipment, and MW5 lacked all of that.
So I started by building Clan UAC/10s and Clan ER Medium Lasers. I added Clan Endo Steel and Ferro-Fibrous as well, then added Clan Double Heatsinks.
Before I knew it, there was another mech planned that would require Clan tech: A Phoenix Hawk IIC.
So, a plan devised to start making more Clan weapons, and before I knew it there was a plan in place to bring the weapon selection on par with MechWarrior Online.
But, of course, not everyone wants just Clan weapons. So I had to expand out to Inner Sphere weapons as well. That's where the companion mod with IS weapons came about.

This all brings us around to where we are now.

The Clan mod (found here) now includes the following:

    -AC2, 5, 10, and 20
    -UAC2, 5, 10, and 20
    -LBX2, 5, 10, and 20
    -ER Lasers (Micro, Small , Medium, and Large)
    -ER PPC
    -LRM5, 10, 15, 20 (Standard, Stream, ArtIV, ArtIV+Stream)
    -SRM2, 4, 6 (Standard, ArtIV, Streak)
    -Double Heatsink
    -Pulse Lasers (Micro, Small, Medium, Large)
    -MGs (Light, standard, heavy)
    -Heavy Lasers (Small, Medium, and Large lasers)
    -TAG and Light TAG
    -ATM3, 6, 9, 12
    -C-LAMS (Not currently working)

The Inner Sphere mod (found here) now includes the following: 

    -Machine Guns (heavy & light) added
    -Gauss (heavy & light) added
    -UAC/2, 10, and 20 added
    -RAC2 and 5 added
    -LBX2, 5, and 20 (Cluster and SLD) added
    -ER Lasers (small & medium) added
    -PPCs (light, heavy, snub-nose) added
    -MRMs (10, 20, 30, 40)
    -Streak SRMs (4, 6) added
    -Laser AMS (added, but not yet working)

What this mod has included thus far:

    -No custom modeling
    -No custom audio (yet!)
    -Countless hours of the free time of myself and various friends to test (and work towards balancing) these weapons.

People who have contributed to this mod so far include:

    -Freja'sFeathers: She is a primary beta tester of this mod, and has spent quite a bit of her own time testing weapons and builds.
    -Se1fD3struct1on: Extensive time spent on data entry, and providing feedback, as well as healthy debate on the merits and faults of various ideas.
    -FlashFrame: Testing weapons and stock builds to provide feedback on what feels good, and what doesn't in typical game play
    -Various forum members who have taken time to play my mods and provide feedback on the forums. I can't name them all, but here are several (in no particular order): JohnStJohn, Zxypher, Areqa, lxn1982, damrabbit, BabaMadmax, LavaDaishi, MariusVergus, SandersCSclips, UnfadingSolace, dcreeper, Bloodplague, Kycomputer, Rayko556, darkdaishi, BrotherWill, and jtg0285.

Every bit of feedback, directly useful or not, provides me with areas to work on, things to consider, or the opportunity to better clarify goals and intentions. Please continue to provide that feedback, and I will do my best to provide both responses and my appreciation.

Now, all the good bits:


Now uses the new mod system.
Instructions included in the download package, and will be transferred here in due time

[Additional Files]:

    -As mentioned above, there is a combo pack which combines Clan and IS weapons into a single .pak file. You will still require the AssetRegistry for this version of the mod, but you only require one asset registry.-There is a .XML that is compatible with the MW5 Save Editor tool. Currently it is a replacement for the existing .XML files (that means it will overwrite them), but I will eventually get some time to make a .XML that can use the import function of the Save Editor.-Note: The Save Editor was created, and maintained by, JWolf1672. His mod page is here: Make sure to show the man some love for the work he does for us.


    -Laser AMS/C-Laser AMS: This is mentioned in the list above, but should be stated here as well-Sounds: There may be sounds that are out of sync with the number of shots, length of a blast, etc. This is an issue for post-balance.


If you require support, please post in the forums. Even on a busy day, I check them 1-2 times a day. I will do my best to respond to you inside a reasonable time frame.


NOTE: All mods are the ownership of their respective creators. Listing them here does not imply ownership, involvement, or endorsement by myself, nor does it imply endorsement of my mods by them. Respect mod creators and the effort they put in for the community. A lot of hard work goes into these mods.

-Added support for CSZolee's YetAnotherMech mod. Thank you to CSZolee for sharing his source files.
-The following mods have been tested and confirmed to work as of 2020-03-09: 
-Enhanced HUD by Navid
-3D HUD by Navid
-MechLab Detail View by codiene42
-Marketplace Equipment Viewer by DPerny
-Various Unit logos by xcorsair
-Full Coop Permissions by Takuetsu
-MW5 Inverse Kinematics by Navid
-Tonnage Limit Removal by Radromity
-Salvage Fix - More Legged Mechs by kirby3021