MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Gives rewards to clients in co-op.

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Works with game version: 1.1.323

How to Install:

Download and unzip the main file. Place the unzipped folder containing a mod.json, Paks folder, etc. into the Mods folder of your MW5 installation (discard the Nexus created folder that has numbers at the end of the mod name). You can go in-game to Mods and click the Manual-install folder if you're having trouble finding it.

The host is NOT required to have this mod installed. Only clients that want rewards ARE REQUIRED to have this installed.

How it works:

Play Co-op
Players accumulate C-bills, weapons, equipment and mechs while playing in another host's session.
Rewards are only given at the end of a mission, after all salvage has been claimed.
Awarded C-Bills are 30% of the total payout for that mission.
Mechs, weapons and equipment are the claimed salvage items the host picks from that mission as well as picked up loot crates.
DLC is NOT required, there are checks to filter out items if DLC is not owned.
Intro dates are NOT followed.
The host is NOT deducted any C-bills, items or anything else.
Each mission completed gives "tickets" up to 10 completed missions for max tickets.

Load your own save
After a player is finished in co-op, they can load one of their own saves as a host or in single player. A notification should appear when they get to the Leopard showing their accumulated rewards.
They can claim the rewards for that save using accumulated "tickets". This creates an auto-save and removes the rewards from being used in another save.
There are also options to postpone (to claim rewards in another save or get more claim tickets) or discard them.

A notification will pop up during multiplayer to let players know when the ticket limits are being reached. Other rewards are rotated when the max is reached so newer items replace older ones as players keep playing. The last 40 weapons, 40 equipment, and 20 mechs are saved.

Thanks to Shedovv and NeighborJon for helping me test the original!