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Battle FX Enhanced is a visual overhaul of many of the games visual elements: Weapon effects, impact effects, explosions, materials, new and improved cockpit glass, color grading and more.

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Battle FX Enhanced
is a visual overhaul of many of the games visual elements. All changes are supposed to enhance the vanilla game, not replace them. Expect way more carnage on the Battlefield!

This includes:

  • Weapon effects
  • Impact effects
  • Explosions
  • Materials
  • New and improved cockpit glass 
  • Color Grading (no Reshade!)
  • and more...

The mod is actively in development so you can expect updates in the future. For now, the mod contains the following:

Tweaked and enhanced Particle Effects for:

  • All PPC systems
  • Large Laser
  • Large Pulse Laser
  • Medium Laser
  • Medium Pulse Laser
  • Small Laser
  • Small Pulse Laser
  • Gauss
  • Machine Gun
  • All LRM systems
  • All SRM systems

Enhanced Color Grading for all weather and lighting situations. Darker blacks, brighter brights and moodier weather conditions!

Vanilla Mechs don't really have cockpit glass in front of the player. Now they do! Battle FX Enhanced adds real cockpit glass to every Mech in the game for maximum immersion.

- Compatibility -

The mod should be compatible with most other mods since it doesn't change any of the games scripts or logic. This mod is purely visual. If you find any incompatibilities please don't hesitate to post them in the "bugs" section.

So far confirmed working with:
  • YAML
  • Coyotes Mission Pack
  • TTRulez_AIMod2

- Version History -

  • Initial Release

  • Fixed many issues related to particle effects
  • Fixed issue with MercTech Laser Impact Particles not despawning correctly
  • Tuned Cockpit Glass Shader for better visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Tuned Cockpit Glass Shader to have environmental effects like droplets not only appear at the borders, although at reduced coverage
  • Reduced lifetime of Missile Trails
  • Tweaked Missile Exhaust Effect
  • Reduced blacklevels of Color Grading LUTs
  • Added nighttime LUT with blue-ish tint
  • Added empty casing effect to Machine Gun (other projectile based weapons coming in future versions)
  • Reduced brightness of all Lasers slightly
  • Added PPC particle effects
  • Fixed black PPC particles
  • Added lighting to PPC particle effects
  • Added lighting to explosions of Mechs with critical reactor damage

- Installation -

  1. In the main menu, go to mods and click the "open mod folder" button.
  2. Copy the contents of the zip file into that folder.
  3. Enable the mod
  4. Restart the game
  5. Have Fun!