MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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A mod which reduces the indirect global lighting and increases direct lighting from the sun and emitters.

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Since launch, lighting in MW5 has been rather poor, with indirect lighting sources being the main source of lighting in the game, causing environments which should be very bright and blinding to be rather dull, and dark environments to be too bright. 

Included in this mod: 
1. A complete rebalance of indirect lighting and direct lighting and shadows
2. More complex shadowing used in other well know UE4 titles
2. God rays and light shafts
3. Volumetric lighting, fog and clouds (clouds to be released in full version)
4. more detailed reflections with the inclusion of a reflection sphere for those spicy reflections that the unreal engine is known for
5. Lens flares and  slight chromatic aberration
6. Removed the old atmospheric fog actor and replaced it with the new sky atmosphere actor, introduced in UE4.26 
7. Detailed post processing enhancements, including Ambient occlusion, colours and highlights, level of quality of lights and shadows, much, much more (the list of post processing settings is rather extensive).

Notice: This mod may cause anywhere from 5-10% fps loss depending on other visual mods AND Hardware you use. Other mods using volumetric scattering will decrease fps substantially. Id say its still worth a shot if you are worried. Potato PCs beware!

RTX and VR users WILL gain FPS. No idea why, but I personally cant test it.