MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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A collection of refits and custom mechs. YAML and YAW.

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A collection of custom mechs and refits, those wish-fulfillment variants that I always wanted to have.

> Arvigna - big big help
> Cszolee79 - Yet Another Mech

Refits - Added are separate variants of mechs acting as refits of the original variants. 

> BJ-1 - Refitted with Medium Rifles
> Banshee - Added 3E with more firepower
> DRG-1N - Refitted with Light-Rifles and SRM4s
> Highlander - Reitted with Heavy Rifles, LRM15, SRM4, and STD 360
> Hunchback - Refitted with 3x AC2-BFs or Gauss Rifles
> Jagermechs - Refitted either with 2x AC10s or 4x AC2-BFs
> King Crab - Refitted versions with 2x AC10s and Large-Lasers, or with 2x AC20s and 2x SRMs
> Marauder - Refitted with a mix of AC10 and Large-Lasers, of AC2s
> Shadow-Hawk - Refitted with a mix of AC2s and LRMs, or mainly AC2s
> Victor - Refitted with either 3x AC5-BFs or Heavy Rifles
> Urbanmech - Added plinker and fire-support variants. Street Cleaner has appropriately different loadout.
New Mech Variants:

> BLR-2B - 4x torso-ballistic BattleMaster showing up at at 3077.

> The UrbanMech series S is the attempt of Orgus Industries to rectify the flaws of the original design through a heavier chassis. More heavily armored, and moves twice as fast, enough for it to be used beyond urban settings and able to accompany typical heavy lances that owes much of it's survivability. It proved to be less popular than anticipated with the increase in price, but it is however more bang for your buck. Like all UrbanMechs, it is still notable for its unique 360-degree torso turn ability.

> UM-S60

Engine: Standard 140
Armaments: AC10 + SL
Heatsinks: Single
Jump Jets: 2x

> UM-S63

Engine: Light 140
Armaments: RAC2 + SRM6 + 2x ERML + ERSL
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double
Jump Jets: 2x

> UM-S65

Engine: Light 140
Armaments: HPPC + 2x ERML + 2x ERSL
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double (2)
Jump Jets: 4x

> UM-S68

Engine: Standard 140
Armaments: 2x LRM10 + SL
Heatsinks: Single
Jump Jets: 2x

> UM-S69

Engine: Light 140
Armaments: 2x LAC5 + 2x ERML + Guardian ECM
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double
Jump Jets: 2x

Custom Heroes:

> BLR-42SL "Sentinel" - Built from scraps by Yuna Cassel, one of the ComGuards 278th Division Engineer, towards the end of the Battle of Tukayyid. The BattleMaster they scavenged was badly damaged, that the torso couldn't handle the power-surge typical of energy weapons. As a result they refitted it with of reinforcement in the frame instead for use of heavy ballistic weapons. Upon their last holdout at Skupo, with their pilot incapacitated for he was unable to get to the mech in time, Yuna instead piloted it herself and fought their way out. While she survived, her crew did not.

Engine: Light 340
Armaments: 3x Large Laser + 6x HMG + MRM20 + AMS
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double (6)

> BLR-LAC "Lacertae" - Rebuilt from the original Sentinel by Yuna Cassell, the Lacaerte is her first BattleMech as a Solaris 7 Gladiator. This variant had sufficient reinforcement for energy-weapons, and further kitted to ride the red-line of the heat-gauge to make full use of the Triple-Strength Myomer and made even faster with a Supercharger. Sought a new life away from the toxic ComStar employment as an engineer, she retreated to the Solaris 7 as she hid from her would-be masters, but fame and fortune eventually forced her out.

Engine: XL340
Armaments: 11x Medium Laser Short-Burst + LRM10-ST + SRM6
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure, Hardened Armor, Supercharger, Triple-Strength Myomer
Heatsinks: Double (4)

> TDR-EW "Edelweiss" - The Edelweiss is one of the unique Thunderbolt refits of Yuna Cassell during the FedCom Civil-War for the House Steiner. It carried a pair of ballistic weapon on it's right-torso. Named after the flower Edelweiss -- the mark of a true soldier -- it was erroneously known because of it's star-shaped muzzleflash, but in fact it was because the last surviving model was struck by a powerful shell that left a star-shaped mark. Refits rarely come since then.

Engine: Light 260
Armaments: 2x RAC2 + 5x ERSL + SRM6 + LRM10
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double
Jump Jets: 2x

 > MAD-IMP "Imperator" 

Engine: Light 300
Armaments: RAC5 + 4x ERML + MRM30
Upgrades: Endosteel Structure
Heatsinks: Double (6)
Jump Jets: 2x

 > ANH-ENT "Enterprise" - Has max energy hardpoints

Engine: XL400
Armaments: 13x MPL
Upgrades: Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor
Heatsinks: Double (15) + Heatbank

 > ANH-AYN "Ryana's Rapture" - Has 8B, and can mount 4 AC20s

Engine: STD 300
Armaments: 2x AC10 + 2x AC20 + 5x ML
Heatsinks: Double 

 > KGC-TA "Nebula" - Has highmount ballistic and energy, with missile arms. Note that energy weapon is off-center due to bug.

Engine: XL400
Armaments: 4x SRM4 + GR + 2x ERPPC
Heatsinks: Double (3)