MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Rebalancing of MW5 including Czolee79's YAW mod. Made for consistency and variety through spreadsheet balancing.

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Rebalancing of MW5 including Czolee79's YAW mod. The goal of this mod is to make the weapons feel good, somewhat easier to use, have a bit of variety, and is consistent with a spreadsheet. The design principle of clan vs IS somewhat follows that of MW4 a bit, that IS Ballistics would deal more damage as a result of being heavier.

> Ballistic
- No more spread for Burst-Fire and UACs
- Improved projectile speed and range
- AC20 burst has been reduced and slowed for better control
- IS LBXs Have Front-Loaded damage; it has increased damage but reduced DPS
- UACs by default are burst-fired. They do however have solid-slug counterparts.
- UACs no longer jam, but have higher heat and higher cooldown.
- Rifles are colder and fires faster, but have reduced damage
- CACs are phased out and now acts as LBX-SLD
- GR has faster cooldown
- LGR has faster cooldown and increased range
- HVAC has front-loaded damage
- RACs shoot faster and longer before jamming.
- Machine Guns have higher range

> PPCs
- Generally reduced heat
- LPPC has reduced Cooldown
- Clan ERPPC has reduced damage, heat, and cooldown
- Capacitor PPC has 50% increase in damage than flat 5, and has adjusted CD

> Lasers
- Normalized damage, and duration
- Generally Colder
- Generally higher range
- Chem Lasers deals high damage, on account of using ammo
- Binary Laser has increased range
- Hyper Laser deals less DPS, but also has less heat
- X Pulses are balanced like ER Lasers
- Heavy Lasers have prohibitively short range

> Missiles
- LRM5, SRM2s, MML3s, MRM10s and ATM3s have a smidge higher damage/shot. This is to make them at least a choice against larger missiles.
- Have faster projectile speed
- Size-Based Cooldown; LRM5 fires fastest, LRM20s fires slowest
- Streams have lower CD and fastest projectile speed
- LRMs smidge higher damage, with slightly longer cooldown.


 > This is literally a copy-paste of YAW and YAWC. This is because I could not make overriding mod for the YAW and YAWC.

Final Remarks:

 > I'm doing this mainly just to archive my mod setup, just in case I lost stuff and I need to redownload it.
 > #FuckEpic, but MW5 Editor is still locked behind EGS, so I still took it. But still #FuckEpic.