MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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A mod that adds 50+ custom paint schemes of official battletech factions and mercenary groups from the inner sphere using in game styles. I pulled most of the styles from and tried to match them in game as closely as possible.

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I was looking at potentially painting some of my MWO Battletech miniatures, but didn't know what scheme to do for them. I went looking and found the unit color compendium and started scrolling. I ended up finding a few paint schemes that looked possible in Mechwarrior 5, and thus spent hours remaking a lot of them in game. Figured I might as well share.

I tried to use the in-game paint styles to match as close as I could to the image previews on the unit color compendium. THIS MOD REQUIRES HIDDEN COLOR SCHEMES. Obviously I can't perfectly match every paint scheme with more than 3 colors or special "the right arm is painted" styles, so I did my best to get as close/similar as I could with what was available to me. Additionally, I named the schemes after the unit that used them. However, MW5 has an incredibly short character limit so I had to shorten some words. The first word/name will be full length, but the other words wont. I did mostly Mercenary companies that I thought looked interesting, but also did some star league and Steiner colors. If you have suggestions I'll attempt them. If you have schemes you've made that you want added, I'll add them. Just give me a screenshot or hex codes with the camo type.

There shouldn't possibly be any mod conflicts since this is technically just a file drop, as opposed to mod as it doesn't add content. However, since it is a replacement, take screenshots of your paint schemes before you replace the file (therefore deleting them).


Install to your "...AppData/Local/MW5Mercs/Saved" folder, replace CustomSkins.json