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Overhaul of the game using some rules from Battletech handbooks.

Permissions and credits
Install:  Unzip the FOLDER "MercTech" into your "MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods" directory. 

Requires MW5 Compatibility Mod of version 1.5 or higher.

Highly recommend using the TableTop AI mod together with MercTech.  The lancemate AI mod will make use of the Roles feature:

Discord server, will try to answer any questions that I can when I'm online:

Special Thanks to CommanderHunter and Se1fD3struct1on from Discord for making the MercTech Logo and ideas

KNOWN ISSUE: Co-op clients can not create work orders in multiplayer.  This is being worked on.

WARNING: If you decide to play in an old campaign save with this mod, back up your save files.

'Backslash' (\) - Swap ammo / Change rate of fire for selected weapon group
'M' - Switch to thermal vision (low resolution)
'F10' - Bring up the critical slot display

This started out as Weapons Galore, a simple mod to add more weapons based off the lore in Battletech, morphed into a overhaul of the game.

Unlocked MechLab, ability to change engines, internal structure, armor, cooling system, and gyros.
Weapon Crit Splitting is enabled, if the weapon takes up 8 or more slots, it can be split to the adjacent location
Gyro's now control your mech turn speed.  In tabletop they are used for piloting rolls, but since there are no piloting rolls in MW5, this gives them a purpose.
Ammo Swapping during battle, LBX autocannons can now switch between solid and cluster rounds, SRM launchers can switch between Inferno and Standard munitions
Rate of Fire changing for Ultra and Rotary Autocannons
Heat effects that slow down your mech as your heat increases, along with ammo explosion chances and shutdowns
Gyro effects that slow down your turn rate and torso twist rate as more damage is taken.  Your Gyro will recover from the damage based off the speed of your mech.  The slower your speed, the faster the recovery.
Full crit system, with each component affecting your mech when damaged:
Cockpit destroyed = instant death
Optics destroyed = targeting reticle removed
Sensors destroyed = mini-map removed
Targeting destroyed = no access to enemy health stats
Engine/Shielding damaged = every hit will increase the mechs heat generation by 0.5 heat per second.  4 hits means the engine is destroyed.
Engine destroyed = mech destroyed
Gyro damaged/destroyed = 33% reduction in turn rate when damaged, 66% when destroyed
Hip damaged/destroyed = 25% speed reduction when damaged (stackable), 50% when destroyed (overrides all other actuator damage for that limb)
Upper Leg/Lower Leg/Foot damaged/destroyed = 5% speed reduction per hit.  If the upper leg is destroyed and the foot is damaged, 15% total reduction
Shoulder/Upper Arm/Lower Arm/Hand damaged/destroyed = loses the bonuses they give to weapons mounted on those limbs.
More weapon variation in each group
Full Ammo explosions that will travel from the outer parts of the mechs to the center torso unless stopped by CASE.
Weapon rebalancing:
Autocannon's are high DPS, ammo restricted
SRM missiles now act like LRM's with the ability to lock on, but have a 10 meter spread.  With artemis this spread reduces to 5 meters, and TAG reduces it even further to pinpoint.
Ironman Mode - Only 1 save file, torso twist is limited to 60 degrees yaw with quirks modifying it, arms are limited movement.  Mechs of Salvage Quality and cored can not be repaired.
Unlimited Cold Storage - no limit on cold storage and they will now save your entire loadout.  If using a previous save, make sure you have no mechs in the old cold storage though.
Salvage - mechs now have their shares adjusted based off internal damage

SRM Inferno Ammo = Sets the target on fire and increases the heat by 1 point per missile
SRM Deadfire Ammo = Does not lock onto the target, deals 50% more damage, higher spread ratio
LRM Deadfire Ammo = Does not lock onto the target, deals 100% more damage, higher spread ratio

All ammo and rate of fire changes are controlled by the Backslash key '\' when that weapon group is selected.  If you have 2 LBX10's in your weapon group 1, pressing the key will swap ammo on both LBX10's  Ammo and rate of fire changes can be also controlled by ALT+'Weapon Group', so to change weapon group 3, press ALT+3.

Endo-Steel upgrades are available in 3034, Ferro-Fibrous armor and Double Cooling Systems are available in 3040.
To do internal upgrades (Armor, Structure, Cooling System), go to a repair cluster, then in the mechlab you will see the items in your inventory automatically.  Right clicking the items will bring up the prompt to install them.  

After installing, in the option menu you will see a new item at the bottom called "MERCTECH".  Clicking that will allow you to set the options for the mod.

Enable Heat Effects = This will allow your mech to go over 100% and the further you go your mech will go slower and your target reticle will begin to sway.  At 150% heat you shutdown no matter what.

Enable Shutdown Checks = This is equivalent of shutdown rolls in Battletech.  There is a check at certain percentages over 100% and if it fails, you will hear "Heat Critical".  After 3 seconds your mech will shutdown if you don't override.

Enable Ammo Explosions = Ammo has a chance to explode at high heat levels.

Enable Custom Critical Damage = Enables chances for certain gameplay effects to happen if a body part gets a critical hit.  Your legs will cause a 10% drop for each critical hit, your head will cause your reticle and enemy display to disappear.  Side torsos with XL engines that get destroyed will have their heat raised by 0.25 heat/sec.

Critical Damage Chance = Chances of a critical hit when exceeding 10% internal structure damage (checks happen at 90%, 80%, 70%, etc.)

Severe Critical Damage Chance = Chance of double crit hit on the torso, limbs are blown off if it happens to them (rolling a 12 on the crits in Battletech)

Mech Animation = Which animation to use for your mech.  Default is stock.  1st and 3rd person will disable the animation switching that happens when you change your view.

Max Legged Speed = Max speed at which a mech can move at if it gets legged.  It will use the higher of the 2 values.  Note: higher speeds will cause the limb cripple animation to appear to be gliding.

Enable Killed By Legging = If both legs being destroyed will cause that mech to die.  In Battletech you have to kill the pilot or destroy the engine/center torso.  Default is on.

Enable AI Pilot Rolls = this makes the AI vulnerable to shutdown and ammo explosion checks.

Legged/Cored/Head/Equipment Salvage Chance = Chances to salvage the mech/equipment after it is destroyed.

Enable Ironman Mode = Cored mechs can no longer be salvaged or repaired, only scrapped.  Repairs and loadout changes can only take place in repair systems.

Arm Bonuses = Arm mounted weapons receive a bonus for being equipped on arms.  Energy weapons have heat generation reduced by 20%, autocannons have their spread radius reduced by 20%.  Further bonuses may be added in the future.

Options will only take effect before you drop into your mech, so you can't change your legged speed while you are legged.

New weapons show up and can be used in the campaign, load a save file and jump to a new system to reload the market.  Highly recommended to start a new campaign if you haven't.

All stock mech loadouts will now use their named weapons.

Damage Model in google docs

Expanded Campaign Start (Already integrated)
Expanded Tool Tips (Already integrated)
Full Instant Action (Already integrated)