MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Skybodies expansion & starfield replacement.

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The Sky At Night

A Skybodies expansion & starfeild replacement for Mechwarrior5 Mecrs

Kinda got sick of the 5 or so default skyboides so i decided to add a few more (i think its upto about 23 extra/new atm so 28 in all ) and i also added in a new 4K milkyway/nebular skybox texture , also inc's a scaling skybox sphear and extra +33% to help with the scale/edge texture tiling....

Ive posted just a few screen grabs of the new skybodies so you can check the others out for yourselfs ingame, feel free to post your own screen grabs

I will try and expand this up to around 50 or so bodies in the next few weeks, if you spot any rendering errors of really really hate any of the new bodies or have any idea's fire me some feedback (just dont ask for the deathstar ;) )

As a side note: This was due to be part of a full re lighting package im working on called "Re-Lux" which will add in vol fog, cloud shadows, sun blooms and expand on the orbital sun variations to give expanded lighting across the various biomes (im going to try and get vol clouds in there aswell)....but the MW5 Unreal ed it being a little janky for me atm so ive spun this off as a standalone mod untill i can trace and fix the paking errors.....


Update 1.0.4

Adds a few more SkyBodies (upto 32 + a chance of Non showing at all) and add replacement for the default PGI starfield Texture (also used in the transport cutscenes and starmap) to band aid a bug i can not atm fix which sometimes forces the load of PGI's low res SF with this new fix inplace you will have my 4k Starfield with or without  a MW nebular.

Night are now of a darkness between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 (it now gets darker based on cloud cover (more cloud cover=darker) and wax/wane of skybodies)

If you are a user of the Cockpit glass mod files ive upload the 1.0.1 version of The Sky A Night Cockpit Glass Tweak (TSAN_CPGT) (what a mouth full) base on CyerNeks mod to help greatly reduce the fog/opacity durning darker TOD, It also replace the Glass'es weather effects for Rain/Runoff and Icing during Rain/Snow weather effected Missions.

Feedback is welcome.

I have also add a BETA version of my Relux lighting mod to the "optional files" page, this will add Vol Fog/Sun Bloom/light rays/Sunlight shadows casting & cloud shadows, im still working on this (it's a bit of a spiders web of options in the ed) but as it seems i'll be snow'ed under with work for the next few weeks i doubt i'll have much time for modding so i thought id throw it out there for ppl to check is welcome love or hate.

btw Place Relux above TheSkyAtNight in your load order !


BTW i know the mod info and discriptions/pics for this stuff sucks bad so i'll try and make it a bit slicker asap ;)