MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Drew Erny

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Better 'Mech descriptions when browsing the Marketplace. Over 200 hand-edited variant-specific descriptions!

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Updated to v1.1. This version fixes some typos, and changes the file name to MW5Mercs-Z001-BetterMechDescriptions.pak, following the standard name structure.

Better Mech Descriptions is a mod for MechWarrior 5 that replaces the stock descriptions of 'Mechs in the Marketplace. Features over 200 hand-edited 'Mech descriptions, one for every variant in the game. While most data is taken from, many descriptions are written entirely by hand, and almost all have been edited in one way or another.

Works great with my Marketplace Equipment Viewer Mod. That one is technical, this one is flavor.


Copy the file MW5Mercs-Z001-BetterMechDescriptions.pak to your MW5Mercs/MW5Mercs/Content/Paks folder.

For Modders:

Better Mech Descriptions edits only the Content/UI/Frontend/Marketplace/Components/MechDescriptionWidget blueprint. The blueprint, included in the source files, attempts to look up the 'Mech variant name in the descriptions table, and falls back onto the description from the Mech Data if it isn't found. This means there is no need to further modify this mod when adding new variants; simply set the Description field of your MDA to the desired value.

Because the code for this mod changes the UI, not the MDA files, it is compatible with edited MDA files, such as those that add or change hardpoints. However, edits to the Description in the stock MDA files will not be displayed.