MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Modifies the paper doll damage colors to be more accurate by adding more possible colors.

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Quick and dirty mod that modifies the damage colors on paper dolls to be more accurate via offering a wider range of colors. The color displayed is blended based on difference between each "breakpoint". Consult images for visual example.

Potential Incompatibilities: Any mod that changes UI_Utils. I don't know how to package only a replacement function, so the entire asset is replaced.

If you believe these colors should be tweaked, please notify me via posts. Beware that I'll be notified by the Steam upload of this mod more than the Nexus upload.

7/12/2021 UPDATE: An alternate version has been made to truncate the Blue to put Green at the top of the colors. This means that Yellow has been moved to 55%. This alternate version can be downloaded under Optional Files.

7/18/2021 UPDATE: I don't know why, but people wanted a version that starts at yellow, like vanilla. But with the smoother gradient unlike
vanilla so red will be at 10% unlike the vanilla 40%. The "Vanillaish"
version can be downloaded under Optional Files.