MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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A total audio overhaul of MW5 with emphasis on power, immersion, industrial with hints of realism.

Lite version only working for now, cut down version until PGI roles out a fix

Only weapons/Mech/dropship and a few other sounds are working. Environmental stuff is currently broken and using stock audio.

Permissions and credits
Sounds of the Succession wars mod delivers a totally revamped audio landscape from the mechs you pilot to the weapons be fired to all the destruction around, to the Leopard hanger and beyond SOSW updates, expands and ensures at the heart of it the sense of power, immersion and industrial feel is brought to the front to bring the chaos and destruction of the succession wars grit out in the sound.

As of right now due to a issue with the editor the new audio sounds do not work but will be updated once done.
The UI will feature its own re work of sounds from mech lab, internal mech button prompts and use of various systems across the board.

While regarded as the back end of Mechwarrior the interior of the dropship itself has been given a major audio overhaul, a greater selection of mechanical tools and machinery now fill the room complimented by audio announcements scattered among the ever busy workshop. New ambient sounds across the board for being either in the hanger, mechlab or at the bridge.

The focal point of Mechwarrior is of course the mechs themselves. The mod has revamped the audio for these machines in virtually every area, new heavier foot steps along with leg actuator sounds combined with almost organic machine torso twisting bring a sense of life to the machines. The cockpit itself now has revamped interior sounds with all manners of background noises, com chatter and other bits and pieces to make it feel like you are sitting in a purpose built fighting machine.

While generally mostly a background aspect to the game vehicles themselves also got a audio improvement. Tanks and Vtols can now be heard with in close proximity with better clarity and sounds, tanks and Vtols both have received new explosion sounds along with new engine sounds to help make them feel apart of the world around you. Leopard dropships also have been given new audio to complete the round out.

Destruction :
A major part of MW5 is the destruction aspect, in this regard the entire environmental landscape has been re done every type of material from the smallest lamp post to the largest sky scraper the sounds have been remade and expanded upon immensely adding a satisfying crunch to every thing you plow through across various terrain types and building types. Explosions have almost been majorly expanded for variety across the ground, vehicles and mechs themselves. Weapon impacts now hit harder then ever with its sound and variety expanded across varied level of hits and sized of weapon being hit by

Where the real meat and gravy lays, it's all good and well having large weapons but if they don't feel or sound like they should it totally kills the feeling. As such the weapons entire system was overhauled, every weapon has been remade with the simple idea of "Power" and "weight" in mind From the small laser up to the massive AC 20, Mechanical elements for reloading have also been improved for the auto cannon, gauss rifle and PPC system. Projectiles have been improved to allow you to hear them coming by whether it be the woosh of AC shells flying past, a thunder crack of a PPC or the incoming shriek of missiles. 

Attenuation and other changes:
A whole host of changes have been made for audio across the entire bank system, the distance of volume, the range the priority and many other aspects have been tweaked, changed, or reconfigured to provide as best as possible sound scape for the new audio in play.

This goes to all who have supported me and encouraged me to continue modding for MW5 if there was no drive for it I'd probably moved on but again thank you all to who helped along the way. I do accept donations tho this is entirely optional any thing is greatly appreciated and helps out in my jobless situation but once again entirely optional.

Paypal - [email protected]

Enjoy Mechwarriors!