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Multiple logos for the save/load menus and paint jobs/logos for the Leopard Dropship. Removes the Chloe's Cavaliers logo and colors from the dropship and replaces them with the logo and colors you have selected. This mod will also change the in game unit icon from Chloe's to the selected logo. New logos added regularly, so please check back.

Permissions and credits
Multiple paint jobs and logos for the Leopard Dropship.

Removes the Chloe's Cavaliers logo.
Adds the alternate logo depending on which you download.
Changes the green stripe on the dropship to a color which compliments the logo used.
Replaces the Chloe's unit logo in the load and save screens with the downloaded logo.

Further updates may provide additional options for logos and possibly a way to pick and choose your own from a set within the game.

1.0   Death's Hand Brigade (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor344)
1.01 Mopar's Misfits (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor345)
1.02 Kell (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor346)
1.03 Wolfe Pack (Starwolfe) (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor347)
1.04 Eridani (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor349)
1.05 Grey Death (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor350)
1.06 Black Widow (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor351)
1.07 Green Knights (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor352)
1.08 Ravens (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor353)
1.09 Wolf's (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor354)
1.10 Black Suns (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor355)
1.11 Skjaldborg (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor356)
1.12 Corsairs (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor357)
1.13 Hub Lancers (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor358)
1.14 228th Independent Battlemech Regiment (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor359)
1.15 21st Centauri (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor360)
1.16 Hansen's (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor361)
1.17 Northwind (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor362)
1.18 No Guts No Galaxy (NGNG) (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor363)
1.19 BSM (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor364)
1.20 Bombadil's Bombardiers (MW5Mercs-WindowsNoEditor365)

Note: It is not currently possible to have more than one of these working. Please remove the other versions of this mod prior to placing the one you want to use.