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Advanced Zoom adds a scope with 4x and 8x zoom options. Alternate Simple Zoom available.

Permissions and credits
To install download the zip and unpack it into your Mods folder in your MW5Mercs installation.

  • Dedicated Advanced Zoom keybind
  • Keybind remapping and other configurable options in Controls menu
  • Zoom sensitivity setting (recommended 1/4 you current sensitivity)
  • Advanced Zoom option in Controller Action Panel (press down twice on d-pad)
  • Optional scroll wheel/zoom increase and decrease integration
    Scroll up to 2x and it should switch to 4x
    Scroll down to zoom out
  • Optional 8x zoom
  • Optional MW4 Zoom sound effect
*Performance will decrease a bit when the scope is active.
*The scope doesn't use the night vision filter as it makes it difficult to see.

Config options are stored at C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\MW5Mercs\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini

These are if the Controls section doesn't work in the UI or you want to toggle the less used hidden options

ResolutionSelection=0 ;0=480, 1=720, 2=1080
ZoomXSensitivity=0.225000 ;range 0-1
ZoomYSensitivity=0.215000 ;range 0-1
;Hidden options
AdjustFOVScaling=True ;set this to false if you've set bEnableFOVScaling=false in Input.ini
ResetOnCycle=False ;set this to true if you want Cycle Zoom to reset Advanced Zoom

Alternate Download: Simple Zoom

A completely different implementation of zoom that follows the same method as 1.35x and 2x by changing the user's FOV. Very stripped down in terms of features. I still recommend this one because it gets the job done of seeing further and keeps things simple.

  • No performance overhead
  • Nightvision works
  • Sensitivity already implemented due to FOV scaling
  • Uses scroll wheel only (increase/decrease zoom) with mouse and keyboard
  • Controller support (untested) should use cycle zoom when a controller is detected
  • Joystick (untested) should also be able to use increase/decrease zoom
  • Optional 8x, disabled by default

To turn on 8x go to AppData\Local\MW5Mercs\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini

Add this to the bottom of the file


This file tends to update and overwrite itself so if your changes get erased try setting the file to read-only.
*Changing between first and third person resets to 2x if at 4x or 8x