MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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A utility to edit save files for MW5 Mercs

Permissions and credits
This editor allows you to modify your save files. Please note that this is a work in progress as I have not completely interpreted all the data in the save file yet, so I will be updating this as I find the time.

I recommend having a backup of your save before you modify it (just in case). If you are modifying a steam save, you will need to keep the save file name the same or it wont show up. 

Current Abilities:
  • Change your company's Funds
  • Add/Remove items to your inventory (weapons and equipment.)
  • Change the tier level of weapons  
  • Add/Remove Mechs in Cold Storage
  • Change your reputation with factions
  • Change the Skill Cap & Skill XP of your pilots

Known Problems/Limitations
  • Currently only available for 64 bit windows (I have tested Windows 10, but older versions should work)

This mod is only available on Nexus mods, if you have downloaded it from somewhere else it has been stolen and I cannot guarantee it is free of malware.

Common Problems and Questions

1. Weapon X or Equipment Y is missing from the list of addable inventory.

I have not yet had time to compile a complete list weapons and equipment and the information I need for each to create a default list. instead every time a save is loaded into the editor it will look at all weapons or equipment in the inventory and add them to its known list if they are missing. these lists are then cached to disk in the same directory as the editor so that it will learn over time. Eventually I hope to include a complete list by default in a future update. If you wish to help, please send me the cached files the editor creates when you have a reasonably complete list.