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With all packs adds over 500 Merc Company Logos to choose from, some turned out better than others.
Now split into different packs!
New EL Menu with additional first/last and +50/-50 buttons!

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While you pretty much never see your logo, the limited selection still annoys me for whatever reason. Enough that I made this mod at least.
Okay things have changed up a bit since this mod has evolved from feedback, and wow thank you everyone. Honestly never expected it to get this much attention. Glad so many of my fellow Mechwarriors love customization options as much as I do :P

Mod is now split into packs:

Merc Pack:
Adds over 200 Merc Company Logos to choose from at the start of the game, at least for career mode, some turned out better than others. I may remove some since the source image was really low res even when only going up to 512x512. 

Clan Pack:
Adds 26 Clan Logos for all you Star Commanders out there.

Faction Pack:
Adds 29 various Faction logos, I upscaled the Black Inferno logo and threw it into this one.

All images from the above three packs were pulled from the amazing, then I did my terrible editing to make them somewhat useable in game. If anyone from Sarna wants my upscaled images for use on the site just ask I'll zip them up and send them your way.

BattleTech Pack:
Adds 218 Logos pulled from the files in HBS's Battletech game.
I honestly wasn't expecting to make this one, but I installed HBS's Battletech on my new rig and was like "Hmmmm ..." next thing I knew I was hyper-focused flipping images and converting .dds files to .png so here you go!

Seraphi Pack:
Adds in 73 new logos sent to me by Seraphi, so good they had to be put in their own pack. 

Flieger Pack:
Adds in 235 new logos sent to me by Catodoomfish, but created by Flieger over on the BT forums, the order is all messed up though and I can't seem to get them to go in the order I want atm, but oh well.
You can view all of these in the album here on imgur

Mellowseven Pack:
Adds in 14 logos originally from their BT mod which can be found here plus an extra they wanted me to add.
Pack will be updated if they want more added in the future.

Viereth Pack:
Contains 248 logos
This is a pack from 2012 posted by the DA user "Viereth", the following was in the readme within the zip file: 
"This is a collection of remastered Battletech Insignia. In no way do I claim any of the rights to any of these images. They have been created for the use by the Battletech/Mechwarrior community and may be used or modified for any non-commercial purpose..."

Request Packs:

Got your own logo you wanna see in game? Send me a Direct Message through Nexus, I check it fairly often for mod updates so I'll probably answer within 24 hours. *Comments left on the mod with requests I may see eventually but I don't check the mod page daily, so a direct message will be a lot better*

Expanded Logos Menu:
Modifies the Merc Company creation Menu
Adds First/Last buttons
Adds Back 50 and Forward 50 buttons
Adds Input Field, lets you input the logo # if you know it
Works with Company Select Mod!
Please let me know about any bugs or additional features you may want!
While entirely optional, I still included it in the main files since it's just nice to have if you make a lot of careers or change logo a lot.
Planned updates:
3x3 to 5x5 grid for the logos, still figuring this one out, no ETA

Epic Games:
Extract to "Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\mods"
Steam: Extract to "steamapps\common\MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries\MW5Mercs\Mods"
MS Store/ Xbox App: Extract to "%localappdata%\MW5Mercs\Saved\Mods\"
Launch game, click the Mods button on the main menu.
Click the checkbox next to "Expanded_Logos"
Click apply
Restart the game
Start a new game (or use the "Change Company Name" mod found here -

Check out my other mod:
Expanded PIlots - additional Pilots, without replacing existing ones.

After enough requests and some prodding from friends I've made a Ko-Fi, I'll never ask anyone to send me anything but if you really want to you can do so here