MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Heat sinks now have tiers, new types of heat sinks, Heat banks, Engine Cooling Systems like coolant lines that don't have heat capacity but efficient in cooling. (Installed into your engine slot only)

Permissions and credits
Heat Sinks Expanded
Adds a slew of new heat sinks and Engine cooling systems
Recent patch notes: 
  • Fixed some dates when HS are supposed to be available. 
  • GE HS I tiers 1 and 2 are less efficient at cooling but offer more capacity.
  • Fixed the ECS tier 4 values.
  • Cleaned up some grammar.
  • changed some tags around. (Cant wait till this is fixed with a patched editor)
  • Fixed the ini. file for tags, may need to buy a couple things back..

Engine Cooling Systems (Can only be installed in engine slots)

Weight 2 tons
Capacity 1
Efficiency .7
Resilience 65

Weight 2.5 tons
Capacity 1
Efficiency .9
Resilience 65

Weight 3 tons
Capacity 2
Efficiency 1.2
Resilience 65

Weight 3.5 tons
Capacity 2
Efficiency 1.4
Resilience 65

Weight 4 tons
Capacity 2 
Efficiency 1.8
Resilience 65

Weight .5 tons
Capacity 0
Efficiency .42
Resilience 65

Heat Sinks

GE Heat Sink I

GE Heat Sink II

GE Heat Sink III

Inductive coupled plasma Heat Sink (ICPHS I)

Inductive coupled plasma Heat Sink (ICPHS II)

Heat Banks

Heat Bank I & II