MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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More hardpoint, more upgrade slots

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A small-ish mod I made as I wait for Merctech to be updated for the patch.

Adds the following to Selected 'mechs;
- 20 upgrade trait slots.
- As many hardpoints they have available that aren't overlapping.
- 5 engine heatsink slots for a nice +2 heatsinking with double heatsinks.
- Masc, ECM and BAP
- Additional critical slots in some 'mechs (empty slots)

- VTR-BSK         (Victor)
- ASN-DD           (Assassin)
- DV-FR              (Dervish)
- ENF-GH           (Enforcer)
- BLR-1GHE       (Battlemaster)
- BL-P-KNT        (Black Knight)
- GHR-MJ          (Grasshopper)
- GRF-AR           (Griffin)
- SHD-GD           (Shadowhawk)
- WHM-BW        (Warhammer)
- ON1-YAJ         (Orion)
- DRG-SDW       (Dragon)
- RFL-DNA        (Rifleman)
- QKD-IV4         (Quickdraw)
- FS9-E              (Firestarter)
- FS9-FS            (Firestarter)
- COR-PVT        (Corsair)
- HGM-HM        (Highlander)
- TDR-5S-T        (Thunderbolt)
- CP-S                (Cyclops)
- MAD-BH2       (Marauder)
- AS7-BH           (Atlas)
- JM6-FB           (Jagermech)
- CRB-FL            (Crab)
- SDR-A              (Spider)

New Variants;
- ANH-MB "Mean Baby"    (Annihilator)
- MAD2-AL "Alpha"            (Marauder II)

Optional overpowered upgrades, might kill the fun if you use all of them.
Have fun soloing 90 difficulty beachheads in your assassin. 

Be aware that adding more weapons and support systems lowers the number of available crit slots.
You won't be able to use all the hardpoints to their full potential without other mods.
I recommend "Nutsack's Dishonest Emporium",
found here:

Feel free to request heroes I haven't included I'll add them when possible. It takes literally 5 minutes to do. :p

Modifies files for those mechs and HeroMechsForPurchase.uasset