MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Tired of having to waste all your negotiation points on salvage shares, just in case you encounter and headshot that nice mech you always wanted? Look no further!

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This mod changes the salvage share "step" value from 3 to 5.

Every contract starts with a base of 5 salvage shares, and every negotiation point you put into salvage gives you another 5 salvage shares. So whereas in vanilla you'd need to spend 9 negotiation points to get 30 salvage shares (3 + (9 * 3)), now you only need to spend 5 negotiation points for the same effect (5 + (5 * 5))!

NOTE: This mod does not work with Story or the Sidequest High-Value missions. They appear to use pre-defined contract terms rather than the template used for procedural contracts, and I have not been able to find where those pre-defined contracts live to edit them.

Installation Instructions
1. Unzip into your MW5Mercs/Mods folder
2. Launch game
3. Activate the "BetterSalvageShares" mod in your "Mods" menu from the title screen
4. Restart the game for the mod to take effect

NOTE: This should not conflict with most other negotiation point and salvage share mods, since they only change the max number of negotiation points available and the max number of salvage "slots" available and don't touch the number of salvage shares gained per negotiation point.