MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Weapon weights reduced allowing for less loadout restrictions:
Small = 1 ton or less, Medium = 2tons or less, and Large = 3 tons or less.

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Sooooo after numerous times requesting mods through the Discord page for MW5 section for mod requests, I came across a few less than helpful individuals and finally decided to do a simple but very helpful Quality-Of-Life mod myself. This is my first ever mod and I hope you all find it useful. All I did was edit weapon files and change the tonnage value for most of them to either 1, 2, or 3 tons. If the weapon was classified as a small it will now be 1 ton or less. If the weapon is classified as a medium it will now be 2 tons or less. If the weapon type is classified as large, you guessed it, 3 tons or less. ( I did not change the slots sizes and the reason being is that there is already a great mod for this called expanded hardpoints which I STRONGLY recommend downloading. It's made by Gamecase located here:, this way you can ensure that you'll be able to fit the best possible weapons and still have room for ammo and sinks) Funny thing is, when I requested this mod numerous times since the DLC dropped, I either received no response at all (figures), or some toxic individual commenting to say "Ummm......Nooo" or "That's what trainers are for." or, my personal favorite, "You have no idea how much work this is." Well you know what, screw 'em! I finally figured out how to mod and this one took me exactly 2.75 hours to do. Hard? Not at all! Long? Ha! Not really Karen! Tedious? Meh, a little bit, but hey it's something that needed to be done. Stay tuned for more mods as I'm hoping to get into some mech mods to rework mech base weights, hard points, and mobility.

Installation: Standard mw5 mod installation, download, open with WINrar or a similar program, drag and drop to MW5 Mods folder, run MW5, click on "mods' from main menu, click on the check box next to it's name, restart game, Boom! Game time!