MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Updated for DLC 4: Rise of Rasalhauge. Adds additional information to the tooltips for mechs in the market/mechlab for attributes that are otherwise not indicated in the game.

Permissions and credits
The following attributes get a little icon on the tooltip.  The icons do have mouseover tooltips when looking at mech store pages with more information.

Breakdown of current attributes picked up by the mod:

  • XL: Extralight engine (has more free tonnage)
  • ES: Endo Steel structure (has more free tonnage)
  • FF: Ferro Fiberous armor (armor uses less tonnage)
  • DHS**: Double heatsinks (should have increased base cooling and *might* have double heat sinks installed also)
  • EW: has slot for EWECM/ECM
  • AP: has slot for EWAP/BAP
  • MASC: has slot for MASC/Supercharger

Also now includes a counter that shows the total number of upgrade slots are present on the chassis if Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC is installed.

A list of equipped upgrades will also show.

**DHS equipped mechs don't have bonus base cooling in vanilla, but there's a mod for that.