MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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This mod makes Mech salvage chance follow lore, so that if a mech was headshot you could almost always salvage it.
If you legged a mech there was a good chance that you would get it as salvage. cored mechs are rarely salvageable, unless you got a lucky hit on the gyro. & critical reactor failures mean 0% chance of salvaging the Mech.

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This mod changes the salvage modifier of gear that survived on mechs, & headshot mechs, where almost always available as salvage 95%
Legged mechs are more than likely salvageable 50% instead of 30% default with both modifiers taken into account.
& cored/critical thermal fusion reaction mechs are almost never salvageable. the only other way a mech is salvageable is due to a lucky Gyro shot. 10%

**Added more salvage chance to legs and bumped up Headshot salvage chance to 100% due to feedback on nexus and discord. Enjoy**

you still need enough points to collect said salvage.
**Updated for: 1.1.290**
** Compatible with Heros of The Inner Sphere **