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About this mod

Adds new procedural mission types into the game and way more content.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds new procedural mission types and more into the game.

THIS MOD WILL REQUIRE ALL DLCS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY, INCLUDING CALL TO ARMS! (only the host needs the dlc's during coop play)


This mod now overrides mw5_assetaccess to be able to enable duel missions for urban biomes. If you are using other mods that override the same file then put my mod to load in a way that my changes are overridden/cancelled
This mod now overrides MissionChoicePersistentData to enable for complex mission spawning and to aid exploration quest diversity. This NEEDS to take effect for my mod to function properly... If any other mod is altering this same file THAT MOD MUST BE REMOVED AND CANNOT CO-EXIST WITH MY MOD.
This mod now overrides AI_missioncomponent To enable more AI functions in my missions.
This mod now overrides Blackboard_Mech
This mod now overrides all vanilla mission blueprints!


Incompatibility FAQ's
-If dropships are hovering forever and not spawning mechs, or if waves get stuck and stop spawning enemies, then there is an incompatibility going on most likely with the compat pack or a mod that adds new mech variants/weapons to the game. This can also happen when you dont keep the cab or whatever the same version that your mod intends to use.
-if endgame missions are spawning anywhere and exploration missions are spawning as normal procgen missions then another mod is overridding MissionChoicePersistentData. make sure my mod loads last to fix this issue or remove the other mod.

Better spawns
Increased warzone rewards
shush ryana

Special note to other modders: If you add in new mechs or mech variants DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES edit the intro date and the unit type on the unitcard!! This will permanently corrupt your unitcard and thus result in the unit failing to spawn when called via squad selection. Which will result in missions not ending properly in my mod. Try to find a unitcard that is similar to what you need and do not modify much, if anything.


If you wish to donate to me... Donations are welcome and have a direct impact on how much work i can put into the mod.

This is my youtube. I sometimes will have videos pertaining to my mechwarrior mods posted on it.

Join my discord server for discussion and access to unreleased versions of the mod

Special thanks and credit:
BEAR - Tacops lead character.  His profile
Did voicework for exploration resource missions.
Did voicework for convoy destruction missions.

Thehappycolour - did the voice acting for leopard shot down encounter.    His twitter   -----  His website
Mechanought - Did some voice lines for patrol intro
Cszolee79 - Using some of his code for the deployable turrets
Jetsunstrider - Did EXTENSIVE testing with me. Check out his twitch page!
Datakingone - Has been doing quite a bit of testing lately and is overall fun to watch!  Check out his twitch channel!
Arby98 -  Wrote quite a bit of new contract descriptions for me.
Rampage (from mw5 discord)- Wrote majority of contracts and reworked some old contract descriptions, also wrote some of the new duel contracts.
Wrote the majority of the longer rescue contract descriptions for me as well.
WaradM - Used two of his contracts he wrote for me for duel, used two of his smaller contracts for rescue.
Zimmkotare - Used one of their contract descriptions for duel

Nexus Mod Artwork
Background image by SpOoKy777 ( | Cover artwork by vonSeiten

List of mission types and information about them:

Attack and defend:
There is an enemy base and an allied base on the map. You are required to keep the allied base alive WHILE destroying the enemy base.
Repair bays are available for this mission at the allied base.
Mega-Turrets are employed by both allied and enemy forces in higher difficulties.
-Be sure to make use of the repair bays before you suffer internal damage or if you need ammo restock.
-Allies will launch attacks against the enemy base.. Be sure to take advantage of this.
-Enemy forces will begin suffering battle fatigue around 10 minutes into the mission, spawning less and less often the longer the mission goes on for.. After 40 minutes they will stop spawning permanently... Use this knowledge as you see fit.
-The ai allies are not very good at defending the base... It is mostly your job to ensure the base defense. (if playing singleplayer it might be best to have a lancmate hold ground at the base and use the new pilot swap feature to control them to defend the base properly)
-The first enemy wave is the strongest.. Be prepared.

Investigative mission type that has many combinations of random encounters. Expect some immersive walking and some unexpected scenarios.
-This mission relies heavily on RNG.. The only tips i can provide is that you should be ready for anything.

Timed mission that requires you to reach each nav point to perform a recon of the area and then escape.
There will be sentry units stationed near some of the nav points and if they detect you they will call for reinforcements or artillery. Destroy these sentries in time to cancel the distress signals.
There is an optional objective on this mission to secure additional salvage, but will require you to overtake and capture a well guarded base.
-Fighting anything other then VTOLS is a bad idea.. Speed is your friend.. You go slow, you die.
-I myself prefer to solo these missions in a light mech with stripped down weapons and full armor. Bringing ai on this mission can be a burden.
-Doing the optional objective may require you to bring a lance of heavier mechs.

This is typically a 4v4 or 8v8 duel to the death. Enemies have improved stats so they are on par with players abilities.
There are random events in this mission that will shake things up from time to time, be ready for anything.
The opfor will have randomly selected quirks and habits that you will have to overcome.
Duelers have custom AI that will now play defensively and take cover.
-Getting too much aggro can be a death sentence... Be sure to have some hard cover nearby at all times.
-When you target an enemy it will show under the target box what type of ai they have selected, plan your attacks accordingly.

You are tasked with escorting a convoy of tanks to a friendly base under siege.. Once you arrive and eliminate the hostiles you must guard the tanks as they load up any survivors. Once complete you must hold position and continue to defend the tanks until the dropship arrives to evacuate and complete the mission.
There is an optional objective to defend the base as well, although sometimes a daunting task you will be granted some free weapon systems at the end of the mission if you are successful.
-In some cases its best to let the convoy tanks soak up some damage if the convoy is in good shape.
-Dont take mechs that are super slow or you will have a difficult time repositioning to defend the convoy in an optimal way.
-Completing the optional objective will most likely require one or two light, fast mechs.
-The final wave is very difficult.. Use the union for cover but beware, the union CAN be destroyed by enemy fire and you will fail the mission if this happens.

This mission is all all out brawl between your allies and the opfor. Most units are pre-spawned on the map from the start, resulting in one of the largest scale battles available in this game.
Repair bays are available.
-Do not over extend, let your npc allies do some of the work if you are taking too much damage.
-Try not to get too surrounded.
-If you are taking too much fire stop shooting and run away to break the aggro off of you.

BeachHead Defense:
You are tasked with defending a beachhead from enemy attack. This mission is an alternate take on PGI's beachhead mission where you are in the defenders position instead of the attackers.
If the hostiles destroy the satellite relays then leopards will drop units at the base in lower difficulties or call in a combat leopard in higher difficulties.

-If you are wanting to place allies to defend the sat relays then try to place them in an interception area rather then right at the relay, as enemies may ignore the incoming damage and focus the relay instead.
-There is a 80 second radar sweep enabled on the map, so most of the time you will not know where the enemies are located.. scouting around in a light mech would be beneficial for this reason.

Convoy Destruction:
You are tasked with finding and destroying a hostile convoy before it reaches its pickup zone. All convoy units must be destroyed in order to win.

-Bring at least one fast mech.
-Convoy cannot be ran over.
-The majority of hostile forces are garrisoned at the dropzone of the convoy, so attacking the convoy early on has the potential to make dealing with hostiles overwhelming.

Stronghold Defense:
Defend a base from waves of hostile attacks.
There is a new mechanic called defense points (DP) which you will use to purchase and build defenses at pre-determined locations around the base. DP is granted by destroying hostiles and completing side-objectives.

Basic defenses:
M laser turrets - Quad medium laser turret. Medium hp.
SRM turrets - Turret with multiple SRM 6 launchers. Medium hp.
L laser turrets - Dual large lasers. High hp.
LRM turret - Long range turret, useless up close. Low hp.
AC2 turret - Mid to long range turret that has 4 ac2's. Low hp.
Flamer Turret - Very close range turret, useful to overheat mechs. High hp.

Support Devices:
AMS turret - Turret that has no weapons but is equipped with anti missile systems that are very good at defending nearby defenses from missile threats.
Decoy - A hologram that is useless offense-wise, but Is the most armored defense in the mission and is far more likely to be attacked by enemies due to its much higher aggro rating and fake lasers it uses to distract the enemy. Very high hp.
AAturret - This turret can only fire at hostiles above its elevation. It is fast firing and equipped with multiple burst fire autocannons.
Ammo crate - One time use crate that will restock ammo for the entire lance when used.

Advanced Defenses:
Ravager turret - Quad PPC turret that is capable of engaging enemies at extreme ranges with sustained fire. Expensive to build but powerful.

Upgrading defenses:
You can spend additional DP to improve existing turrets. This will usually increase armor, weapons and accuracy. Upgrading to tier 3 will also add a slow, passive self repair to the turret.

-This mod will now make certain vanilla missions more difficult. 
-This mod adds a new enemy type: Combat leopards.
-This mod has a trigger that will destroy tanks that get stuck under the map in certain missions.
-Friendly artillery that will fire at hostiles.
-Houses who you are enemies with will now send special hit squads after you during missions.
-Houses who are allied with you will now sometimes send support to assist you in missions.
-Adds exploration quests to the game! some of these can range from non-combat choices to assaulting well defended fortresses.
-Improved lancemate targeting and accuracy to help bridge the gap between solo and coop.
-Endgame 250 difficulty missions.
-Three way battles between multiple enemy factions.
-Random events that can occur in missions to shake things up. (stuff like solar storms and such)
-Leopard can get shot down on its way to a mission, resulting in changing the mission type to defending the leopard instead.
-Removes the metallic objects in tourmaline desert biome that obstruct pathfinding for ai.