MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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A complete overhaul of 95% of ALL game sounds, replaced with as many real life sounds to replicate the in--game sound/functions.
Other sounds that are completely sci-fi, like lasers and PPCs have made to reflect how they would sound in real life.
There are so many changes, read the detailed description for most de

Permissions and credits
70% of all sounds have been replaced and the rest have been modified and adjusted to suit the mod
Changes are as follows: 


- Standard laser sounds have been replaced by an activation "click" and a low hum to simulate the laser projector sound. Laser burn sounds adjusted to suit. 
- Pulse laser sounds have been replaced by a pulsing, bassy laser hum to simulate highly intense bursts of light. 
- PPCs have been completely reworked, While plasma cannons or proton cannons don't exist, one can refer to the sound of lightning and homemade plasma cannon gimmicks with some Sci-fi sounds to make something like how a PPC would sound in reality. PPC impact sounds have been replaced with a loud thud with electrical zapping sounds 
- Flamers have been replaced with an XM flamethrower sound. 


- AC2 fire sound has been replaced with a 25mm navy cannon fire sound, with a metallic ping + tiny explosion sound 
- AC2 BF sound has been replaced with a 50. cal machine gun sound
- AC5 fire sound replaced with a 75mm Pak-40 fire sound, same impact as the 25mm 
- AC5 BF fire sound replaced with a 25mm navy cannon burst fire sound 
-AC10 fire sound replaced with 120mm cannon from M1 Abrams tank, with a metallic, piercing thud with a loud explosion 
- AC10 BF replaced with 30mm burst cannon from a BMP-2 
- AC20 fire sound replaced with an M777 Howitzer fire sound (Massive BOOM), with a loud, bassy impact explosion and a subtle metallic impact sound. 
- AC20 BF fire sound replaced with a mixed with a bass layer of the 25mm cannon and multiple BMP-2 cannon rounds with some adjustments, very satisfying. 
- Machinegun sound replaced with an M60 fire sound
- LBX AC sounds mixed with a shotgun, 120mm cannon and stock sounds. A bit more boomy than the AC10 
- Reload sounds replaced with professionally mixed re-chambering sounds


- LRM fire sounds replaced with short range ballistic missile sounds 
- LRM/SRM impact sounds replaced with a massive boom, louder than AC impacts due to the larger explosive payload, very satisfying 
- SRM fire sounds replaced with a tomahawk missile launch
- SRM/LRM stream sounds replaced with tomahawk missile stream sounds, you will hear missiles coming before they hit you.  


Most explosions have been replaced with high quality, real life grenade, IED, car bomb sounds with 
metallic sounds, other sounds have been amplified and enhanced to fit with the theme. 

ALL sounds have been enhanced with 3D spatial sound. You will hear every sound, exactly where it plays, you get shot with an AC2 in the left torso? you will hear exactly where, got shot in the leg with a PPC? You will hear exactly where, a naughty LRM 60 carrier shooting missiles and missing over your cockpit? You will hear them coming and zoom over your head, and hear exactly where they landed. 

ALL sounds have had there attenuations matched to how they would sound in reality, increasing immersion. 

Currently, 70% of all sounds have been modified, yet, I cannot do all until PGI fix the soundbanks in the game, thus LEVEL 1 is not final and there will be major changes and improvements in the next update, nethertheless, I have spent many months on this mod and it has been developed to a high standard; it sounds great, even if not perfect. 


A modified version of my Timothy Seals music mod is included. The stock music does not suit the theme of this mod whatsoever.

LEVEL 2 (CURRENT): Complete sound overhaul

Level 2 contains ALL of level 1 enhancements plus: 
- increased vehicle sounds and attenuations, no more demolisher tanks hiding behind walls without you hearing them move behind you!
- Weather effect sounds! Rain, wind and thunder can now be heard.
- New bitchen betty sounds, either male or female versions (will upload separate Versions for each)
- New mech internal sounds! Joints and actuators will have a hydraulic sound
- Re-balenced Hanger audio, no more jarring fan sounds, mechanical and repair sounds increased
- Secret Easter egg, in hanger (look around) 
- Brand-spanking new jump jet sounds, made from real life space shuttle launches!
- Brand new collision sounds (less tinny, more bass)
- Multiple brand new vehicle destruction sounds + helicopter blade sounds, no more VTOLs creeping behind you

Level 2 also includes remastered or complete remakes of: 

-All autocannon sounds (still the same real life cannons) have been layered for more dynamic range 
-Completely redone PPC sounds, MUCH better sounding with multiple in-game sound layers for different sounds
-Completely remade Laser sounds, A lot of bass, but very quiet mids and no highs to simulate real life lasers.
-Completely remade pulse laser sounds, removed the 'chirp' that the previous pulses had with something more thumpy but realistic
-Enhanced SRM sounds for more thump
-Enhanced all impact sounds via layering and sound attenuation changes
-Many small other changes 

TBD. Will likely be certain effect or gameplay changes. 

- Meds Mod
- HFB visual mods
- Reshade 
- Merctech (reloaded is also good but missiles are far better in merctech)
- Other gameplay mods and HUD mods, depending on your preference